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Monday, June 16, 2014

He Gave My Child an Echo Chamber in Place of a Human Brain 06 16 2014

He Gave My Child an Echo Chamber in Place of a Human Brain 06 16 2014

That is the only substance the people who create the voices that you hear can have!
But what does that voice in your head believe itself to be?  Like human thought is a running race and winning by thinking their next thought before they do negates the human being as competition.  What is that really?  The desire to believe that a human being isn’t as great as they really are in comparison to the defective self!

So how do you defeat that idea?  Exemplifying that no one loves them for themselves!  And that those they are attempting to impress are not impressed by their lack of thinking but your central thinking!  In other words no one wants to love a man with a hollow echo chamber in place of a human brain!
So if you hear voices for a very long time and indeed seek to debate with them as to regard to their nature:  The next thing they will accuse you of is saying that their children an echo chamber in place of a human being.
So here is your response:
“No it was your brethren talking to me!  In place of them having their own biological human father!  Remember, that was your will for it to be that way and not mine!  I would have been very happy quietly writing my stream of consciousness with regard to nature.  But you had to interject on all that and defeat it.  In fact me being inundated with voices round the clock is empirical evidence that those who are talking to me have a deformed brain in the first place!  Mam, be very happy you have a human echo chamber in place of a human brain.  Mam I would have been very happy to have led a productive life and raised my own natural born children to be normal human beings; but you interfered with that didn’t you.  Like a child that finds a amusement with a round piece of glass you found on the beach you made a game out of the minds of human beings! Better an echo chamber than a dark abyss that spews darkness and false idolatry.  And perhaps it was part of George Bushes idealism with regard to fetal alcohol syndrome children not being left behind.  You voted for that too!....Mam, you should have known better than to have drank all that expensive French Champagne on the night you consummated your marriage and also became pregnant.  Why didn't you learn that in High School? (why don't they teach that as a never to do in High School?)”

Thomas Paul Murphy
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What she learned in high school she opportunistically forgot in college as she became specialized at what?

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