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Sunday, June 1, 2014

The NRA Magazine 06 01 2014 updated

The NRA Magazine 06 01 2014

About the worst thing that a handgun owner could ever do would be to get in the habit of dry firing a handgun in their home as was recommended in a magazine promoted by the NRA.  I find it extremely disturbing that they would publish something like that.  And really there is no explanation from the editor or President of that organization that can cover that error.

My mother once told me a story about how my Grandfather and another relative where on the front porch cleaning a shotgun when it went off and blew a hole through the porch roof.
Now let’s something like that happens someone is inspecting a gun or cleaning and it accidentally goes off.  What makes you think that as a police officer you are going to come to my front door and take it?  If you think that is what your job is then you are in the wrong field already and should be out picking cotton.
It’s like look “Get the h3ll out of here I have to fix that porch roof, or put some drywall compound on that wall.  No, there isn’t going to be any report filed either!  See that is my mother there.  She is still smiling and the happiest person in the world that I am her son despite your wishful thinking to the contrary.”
And let’s say that you are following Wayne’s promoted advice in that NRA magazine and dry firing a handgun in the house and getting in the habit of doing so and it goes off?  What makes anyone think they are going to come to your front door and take it?  I say no to all of that!  And I don’t really care if you find the anomalous event to such a rule and propagandize it!  We have had far enough of that for over four decades!   You are not going to play the I am smarter than the human thinker game anymore!
Now let’s say someone is killed by accident for following that advice in the magazine?  Is it there fault?  A trusted source gave them the advice to break a number of handgun safety rules and they followed that advice.   I will give you a clue, that is misinformation and indicative of a communist type element present in the United States of America.  Do you know what a black man from Somalia told me?  He told me that he can’t stand any Russians in the United States because they came to Somalia in about 1961. I told him that I couldn’t stand them either and wanted them out of here.  He told me that they are of the “One mind for all” doctrine.  Do you know what that means?  It means that they are the source of the medical fraud of Schizophrenia in the United States!  Because the person who hears voices is indeed a victim of those who believe in the “We are all of one mind philosophy!”  I also heard that the Somali language is the second most spoken language in Minnesota!  In Wisconsin it is Spanish.  Somalia is 100 percent Muslim!  That means that they do not believe in alcohol!  They don’t believe in alcohol and they can’t stand those who are of the all one mind philosophy!  That means that I am 100 percent Muslim too!  Even though I seem to have displaced my copy of the Qauran.  When I go to the internet I see a lot of bad advice that can be considered misinformation and dangerous to the United States concerning firearms.  It is like you are trying to create a nation of the irresponsible so that you can take away their guns?  That communist person must wake up every day and become beet red with anger because they realize they are subjected to the thinking of another human being because they don’t have that capacity.  I mean what does communism want to do; destroy every human being on earth out of envy?
The point being how many people have believed in trusted sources of advice only to get into legal trouble because of that trust!  That has to stop!
And you know what else?  Every person that works for the Financial Industry or the Tea Party should be given a sewing machine and the job of sewing clothes for the United States instead! The mortgage crisis created by fraudulent manipulation of the London Interbank Offer rate, Bernie Madoff a Jew attempting to pull the pins out of our economy by creating a 50 billion fraud, $17 trillion in national debt with nothing positive to show for it?  Etc etc.  You don’t belong in those positions you belong at sewing machines!  The party is over, you are done!
I watched a video on television of a typical Russian man once.  He didn’t want to do any work at all and sat naked in the corner of his house with a bottle of vodka in his hand crying like a baby.  That is the most perfect example of faulted communist mindset!
Which brings up another point.  Perhaps we should go door to door and those who aren’t responsible enough to show that they own a  gun by showing it through the window will have to leave the United States and be deported!  You can wine somewhere else!  We don’t like you here and we never have!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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Copyright 2014 Thomas Paul Murphy

The American citizen is juxtaposed between two bad forces.  A freak minded satanic anti gun lobby and the NRA which published well crafted misinformation on gun safety!  Nazi Boy Scouts?  Nazi Rifle Association?  The biggest enemy of the Jews were Jews themselves.

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