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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Get the Gas Chambers up and Running 06 11 2014

Get the Gas Chambers up and Running 06 11 2014

They planned it all school year.  And what did they want to do when summer vacation started?  They did not want to play nice and enjoy the outdoors like normal children.  Instead they plotted to cut up a 12 year girl that had assumed she was there friend.  That victim never knew those two little girls where not her friends nor did the victims parents know.

So assuming the two 12 year old girls that falsified their friendship to the human being girl do get prison time until they are adults and at some time after that they are released; would you ever want them to own a gun?  I don't believe you could ever trust them to own a gun.  Common sense tells me that at some point they could have opted out of the crime via their free will if they were not mentally defective.

So what do we do with criminals who you do not want to have guns when they are released from prison because the nature of their crime was so horrific?  In this case it amounted to witchcraft and human sacrifice?

Our Constitution states that we have the right to keep and bear arms!  Any President that takes the oath to become President takes an oath to protect the United States Constitution.  Because you do not want them to have guns as is the right through national law and therefore the standard of responsibility in the United States it means that you have classified them as a risk.  In order to protect the United States Constitution there is only one thing that you can do; execute them!

The choice is very simple upon exit from prison after serving a persons time you either give them back their gun or you execute them.  Now we can already see that far ahead in some of these crimes that you never want that person to own a gun.  So why should the taxpayer foot the bill for feeding them?

The only reason we do not have the death penalty is because a greater financial market for drugs and opportunity for crime and organized crime is created without the death penalty.  But in order to protect our Constitution we need the death penalty.  What was termed the civil war was not classified a Civil War by our Government; instead it was a response to an insurrection.  What that really means is that our Government took on the role of knowing very well that they were going to have to kill quite a few slave owners in order to rectify the problem.  In effect they instituted the death penalty for slavery.  In order to protect the United States Constitution they knew very well that a slave owner could not be reformed.

Okay I am a person who is subjected to hearing voices in my head and I believe in the death penalty.  You would think that I would fear that I would be labeled mentally defective and placed in a gas chamber of my own devise?  That fear never occurs to me because I know that schizophrenia is medical fraud.  The symptoms are real and horrific but they do not originate from the person who has them.  In other words it isn't their illness that they suffer from!

So whose illness is it? When those two little girls grow up are they likely to become witches?  If you were to say that witches were the cause of the voices you hear in your head no one would believe you!  They would state that is a delusion.  They don't really exist.  Well yes the Wicca religion is a valid religion and is allowed a charitable exemption by the United States Government today.  And what are these two little girls practicing at the age 12?  Witchcraft.  What is every grade school drug dealer practicing?  Witchcraft!  What is every adult that sexually molests a child practicing?  Witchcraft!  What is every adult who creates and harbors child sexual victimization videos with the intent to distribute practicing? Witchcraft!  Are good looking young human being women drugged with belladonna or nightshade to make them zombies and star in pornography?  You can't tell me it isn't true!  They are enslaved!  Can it even be stated that children who are born with birth defects from alcohol and drugs are the product of witchcraft?  Without a doubt!  In fact I believe some women drink while pregnant just so that they can have a baby that is mentally retarded through fetal alcohol spectrum disorder and collect $80,000.oo a year from Social Security.  Does witchcraft encompass the field of medicine?  Without a doubt!  And that is also what Jesus Christ rebuked Doctors for the practice of in the Gospel of Barnabas!

When a bunch of English women sit around a round table at a seance and chant the Ministers Cat are they indeed attempt to make the minister hear voices in his head? Absolutely? (Or are they mocking the English minister because they know he is of a satanic mind and can hear the thinking of others in lei of his own?)

And what is the point?  All of those instances above are examples of people who have committed crimes so bad that you would never trust them with a gun or anything else dangerous!  Nor would you want them to adopt children and raise them in that manner!  There is only one thing that you can do in order to protect the United States Constitution!

Our Government has already established what type of felon they do not want to own a gun.  However with regard to schizophrenia they have been one hundred percent wrong on the issue!  Schizophrenics do not hear voices because they are mentally defective; they here voices for the exact opposite reason; because they are not mentally defective.

Off topic.  I am going to touch on Animal rights.  Those two little girls cut up a human being.  Are people who are mentally defective like that likely to practice that torture on an animal first?  In an effort to understand why I heard voices I once read a book by Carlos Castaneda.  In it he tells how a man kept a lizard and blinded it in order that he might see through the lizards eyes in some manner of witchcraft.  So when animals are tortured it is often done in the name of witchcraft.  I might ask how an animal was killed before it was presented to the living God in the tent in the Bible that was a afraid to show his face.  I Also believe that animals such as bull dogs are used in witchcraft to, to chase after and mame and kill human being children.  That is why I created a petition that ANY dog that bites a human being must be killed.

There are a great many who have committed crimes in the United States; though not on the sexual predator list the nature of the crime is so horrific that it is the equivalent of that.  I would assert that those crimes mentioned above fall into that category.  So if you would not want them living in your neighborhood because they are a risk; you have already claimed that they should not have a gun; then you put them in the gas chamber!  You either give them that gun back upon exiting prison or you put them in the gas chamber before they ever take one footstep in prison!  And it is cruel and unusual punishment for a human being that stole a loaf of bread in order to eat to be put in the same prison with any of the above!  And that too is against the United States Constitution.  And prisoners who are put in prison with any of the above do not reform; instead they are networked into organized crime.  In effect the beasts among us add to its ranks and those lower echelons support its wealth.

Now if it can be proven that those two little girls were under the influence of adult witches then we also have another layer of criminal that needs to be attended to.  It does not absolve the two criminal children from guilt; in spite of George Bush openly stating to the entire nation that torture was a valid thing to do.  I believe one of his siblings has a form of mental retardation; and I also remember hearing at some point that he either had dyslexia or flunked the 3rd grade.  He has greatly jeopardized the integrity of the United States Constitution hasn't he; he took an oath of office to protect it.

Thomas Paul Murphy
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And why do they take drugs and commit crimes to obtain drugs; because they know that they can never attain happiness through personal achievement!  And there are far to many of these self defined low life's in our country today! 

If you agree with this please sign my petition to create a national ID that determines who should be excluded from the purchase and consumption of alcohol: 

It is wishful thinking to believe that if you take a horrific type felons gun away that they are no longer a threat to society.  We'll just make sure he can't have a gun when he is released and everything will be alright?  Which brings me to the next question, what aspect of your own personality are you projecting onto others?


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