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Saturday, June 28, 2014

A Hick is defined as someone likely to have hiccups from drinking beer 06 28 2014

A Hick is defined as someone likely to have hiccups (phonetically hick-ups) from drinking beer 06 28 2014

So therefore all beer (alcohol) drinkers are hicks!  That seems to be consistent with my personal experience!

Brings the correct definition to what at hick town really is doesn't it!

Not a bad way to think about people you see drinking either, as hicks!  Most people know the dangers of associating yourself with a hick don't they?  They drag you down into hick-dumb with them don't they; whether it is their direct motivation or not.

It would be great to live in a hick free country wouldn't it?

I was reading that the surname Higgins comes from Hickins or of hick family stock.  Brings a new light to the old Hawaiian detective show named after the 44 Magnum hand gun.  It puts the pansy butler in his place in the show doesn't it?

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And what are all the problems we are facing in the United States today?  They are hick type problems from hick type leadership!

And shouldn't there be a natural progression in society whereby when a wealthy man drinks alcohol and has a developmentally disabled son that that son loses his wealth class and is then part of the hick class?  I like that idea, a class structure where the alcohol drinkers are labeled the hick class.

And I have no problem with that hick class having to pay higher health insurance premiums because they are a greater health risk!  Why should health conscious individuals finance the medical care of the hick class?

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