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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Census Required Photo Identification 06 05 2014

Census Required Photo Identification 06 05 2014

A photograph identifying everyone who lives in every house in the United States database should be created; available free and to the public.
Having your identity known does not violate your right it is your right!  Perhaps the best right you have, to say, I am not hiding, I have no reason to hide, I am not guilty of any crime, this is me and this is what I look like!

Does the public have a right to know if 20 mentally defective children live on a city block?  Yes!  There just might be some who are intending to have their own biological children who would find that a great threat to raising healthy children.  When I was a boy we visited a friend of my mothers who had two mentally retarded children; they pulled my hair and tried to bite at my ears!!!!!  The point is that you can’t change something that is always born the same way; meaning defective.  You can’t believe this next one will be born defective but no one is to consider it is the same as the ear biter.  Are we to  believe that the ear biter is going to grow up and raise healthy and normal human beings and ensure the longevity of the human race?  It is another work of complete legal fiction to group them under the same caption as the disabled.  To be disabled means you first had to have had disability.  Do you see how immediately an ear biter attempts to create disability at the first opportunity?  Again it can never be disabled because it never had ability!  Nor can it sit on the tractor and farm the fields or raise healthy livestock the rest of us would want to eat!  Nor do you want its dirty fingers stocking the shelves of its parents store with sugar laden candy either.  Nor do you want it selling your child cowboy boots that don’t fit and refusing to allow you to return them!  Now when I was a boy in kindergarten we wore cowboy boots and we loved them!  I don’t look at children that long to see what shoes they are wearing, children should be allowed to roam freely and not have the threat of the wealthy Italian Insurance man’s son stalking them and attempting to bite at their ears or worse.
The faces of those two girls who stabbed their friend in Waukesha are different.  They are cold looking, mean, apathetic.  What member of their family abused them in some way to make them that way I have to ask?  Were they beamed with microwaves and then controlled?  If so those are people that pose a greater threat to humanity. Were those girls given satanic witchcraft books by their mother to read like my neighbor gave her daughter?  Are those really Kings religion Lutheran books?  For all the use of the name of Christ, what the Lutheran religion boils down to is that it doesn’t matter what you do in life as long as at the time of your death you ask to be saved; isn’t that how a monkey would raise its young if they had human costumes?  I stated what I actually believe the punishment for those two girls should be in a prior article.  And it really doesn’t matter how a lawyer tries to craft a scenario or story different than the description of what they actually did.  Why?  Because no one wants that “actually did is” to be done to them or their human children also!  And it isn’t a matter of you would not want your children to be punished for their crimes it is a matter of you would never want your child to be victimized by a child who would commit those crimes!  I know what the weak mother and her lawyer son would say, if my child carved up a little girl I would want her to have the best defense. But on the other hand the worst threat to the United States is people who would torture a human being, being the ones of legal authority who would determine that someone accusing them of that does not deserve due process!  Anyone get it?
In order for those two girls to ruin that other girl they have to consider themselves ruined for life for some reason.  And that should be the key element in psychology as a matter of adjudicating a criminal mind.  Why!  It has never risen to that level of professionalism but instead has been populated by the ear biters!

"A cannibal would first bite at your ears in order to get at your brain."

Thomas Paul Murphy
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And just from my personal idea of what was wrong with those two mentally retarded was that they were born with mono encephalitis.  That is why you don't want the mentally retarded working in any of the food or hospitality industries!!!!

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