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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Win $1 Million Dollars at the Nuevo Milwaukee Professional Drinking Championship! 06 28 2014

Win $1 Million Dollars at the Nuevo Milwaukee Professional Drinking Championship!  06 28 2014

That title is a complete satire.

But sometimes it seems like that is what is coming next!

Other notes:

"A criminal never has faith."

It should never be the job of Police Officers to discipline the alcoholic!

Nor should it be the job of Police Officers to police the crimes committed by those who were born mentally defective from alcohol.

Once organized crime is established in a country they are essentially spending the taxpayer receipts.

Either you leave or I leave is what was said to me by slavic magog looking neighbors when I first started to hear voices in 1991 after I had graduated from the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee with a double major in Accounting and Finance passed the CPA exam and went to work (and live) in Chicago on the 96th floor of the Sears Tower for an Investment firm called First Analysis.

That voice never stated why it wanted me to leave.  So I explain a little better when I make statements like that!  People who hear voices in their heads are the most horrific victims of racism that the human race has ever known!

You take your mentally retarded children, you take the blacks you brought over as slaves, you take your mother told me to be a doctor and lawyer sons, you take all your Slavic and Russians, you take your base your faith in satan churches and temples, you take your organized crime tribal (not family) Italians,  you take your chicken feather tailed hispanics, you take your leadite English,  you take your Down's Syndrome Nazi's, you take your I don't want to be a man or woman homosexuals and I want to believe I am someone else's, you take your medical fraud satanic health care industry and your $17 trillion dollar bankers and Investment non-professionals,  you take your I want a spoiled brat woman as political leadership, you give us back every once of gold you looted from this country and you leave here!

A psychiatrist would ask me why I would believe that people wouldn't like me.  And then the psychiatrist would say that my belief that people don't like me is a complete delusion!I have always had this righteous belief system my entire life!  Can you tell from the above paragraph who wouldn't like someone like that?

Thomas Paul Murphy
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Is the reason that blacks have Irish surnames because the Irish took them under their wing when they were freed from slavery?  That is part of history that we don't here?  It was the Germans who were the most horrific to the slaves in the south.

If I didn't hear that voice in my head I would not write any of this!  I would relax and use my stream of consciousness to write beautiful things anyone would enjoy reading.  Ask yourself who is it that would covet that ability?

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