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Saturday, June 7, 2014

Quote on Mary Burke 06 07 2014

Quote on Mary Burke 06 07 2014

"Everyone should have the freedom to marry whomever they chose.  And now Wisconsinites do."

There is a little bit of a flawed logic in her quoted statement that can be expanded upon.  When don't get to choose who we marry!!!!  It is meant to be a mutually agreeable element of love.

To say one chooses who to marry is to apply a sense of materialism and objectification to it.  The materialism element makes is a spoiled persons philosophy.  But more to the point "A sickly spoiled persons philosophy."

We don't get to walk out to the people farm and choose a person to marry like a little a spoiled little girl chooses a pony.  The person we marry is supposed to have some choice in it!  It shouldn't be considered as implied in the quote above that there is manipulation involved.  We do not choose someone who we want to marry and then manipulate them into agreeing to marry us.  That is a bastard minded ideology.

Here is how the man thinks about it as a right of passage.  I will attain an education so that I will find a profession to work in so that I might create a comfortable life for my wife and raise a family as a responsible man would.

Choosing who to marry is again like Pakistanis' or Indians not allowing those who are of their social status to marry.  They are prearranged marriages based on money.  That makes it a completely different species that human beings that seek to marry on the basis of love.

What happens with the marriages based on money is that inbreeding results in the name of keeping the wealth in the family.  The inbreeds are known to be mentally defective because of a hippo campus defect due to inbreeding.  Hence the worst thing that can ever happen to the human civilization is that the mentally defective come to rule over the human race.  We see that has happened a lot because our environment has suffered because of it.  And the most blatant aspect of that inbreeding mental defect is for two of the same sex seeking to marry.

Now a lot of people are proponents of gay rights.  I be none of you would ever believe that those who hear voices in their heads and labeled schizophrenic in medical fraud are stalked and harassed by homosexuals and lesbians?

Which brings me to my next point.  So you have won a victory and allowed each other to marry.  Will that be the end of your political aspirations?  What else are we going to have to give you in order to make you happy?  I don't believe any single one of you should ever be allowed to adjudicate the mental health of a human being when you have a sexual identity inconsistency that is consistent with the believe in A-sexual reproduction- in other words dinosaur land.

Now personally I get along rather well with most gay people.  But there are some out there that believe human beings are here for their material pickings.  If the gays really want to be respected they have to respect all the rights of heterosexual human beings; but they do not!

How many of them belong on the sexual predator list for using EMF technology to sexually molest human beings and cause great pain?

And with the desire of a gay man and another gay man to touch each others privates at what age did this start?  Did they sexually molest other children as children?  Were they sexually molested as children by what can only be said to be other gays?

What rabbit out of a hat are they going to try to become political proponents of?  We know that they are not going to stop at just gay marriage! I don't believe people of that ideology have the right to presume themselves to make parental authority type choices for the rest of us in Government functions!  Anyone understand that?  They cannot even be natural parents and have chosen that.  So why should they be allowed to legislate with regard to the rest of us who were children of natural biological parents.

That Gay belief system is its own spiritual belief system hence it is a religion.  Per the exact meaning of the United States Constitution the law that trumps every single other law.  We may not make laws that respect religion!  Gay marriage is illegal at the Constitutional level.

And I don't really care if you want to have a ceremony of union and call it something else.  But with marriage there is an implied yin yang element.  The union of marriage to get graphic means a mans penis to a woman's vagina forming a one and then through the sanctity of life a third comes into being.  That is what marriage means!  It is a complete delusion to believe that gays are capable of that same union for procreation because by definition they are not!

It amounts to the Democratic Party forming a Confederacy and that is illegal per the United States Constitution.

So this is who the Democrats want for Governor?  I am ashamed I ever voted democratic in my life!  In fact I want to cry because I did.

Thomas Paul Murphy
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Copyright 2014 Thomas Paul Murphy

A delusion is desperately wanting people to believe you are something that is impossible for you to be!!  And those who cannot be what they want to because it is impossible like to tell every one else that they can never be what they truly can be and indeed likely were all along!  Hence they displace us from the workforce in the United States and also displace our human minds out of jealousy!

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