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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Why FFL’s and Gun Ownership is a bad idea 06 22 2014

Why FFL’s and Gun Ownership is a bad idea 06 22 2014

Would a gun seller modify a less expensive brand of gun that came into the gun store via FFL Transfer so that it would be prone to non-catastrophic failure and he could therefore make a continued living by selling you a much more expensive brand for a markup?  And that less expensive brand could very easily be produced in the United States whereas the more expensive was produced in a foreign country or owned in a foreign country?
Background:  To buy a gun online you have to have it shipped to a local dealer who has an FFL license and there is a conflict of interest between both sellers in terms of who is receiving the profit markup.
An FFL is a Federal Firearms License to sell guns and per my memory it costs two hundred dollars to obtain one.
Perhaps you should be able to buy a gun directly from an online factory warehouse owned by the manufacturer?  They have a vested interest in selling you a non modified good one?

Thomas Paul Murphy
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PS.  I also believe that the Thompson Submachine Gun was modified on its way to the Irish Republican Army as one shipment crossed through England!  I also believe it was modified and given to FBI agents so that they would miss and instead be killed and Prohibition defeated.  And finally I believe that the AR-15 in Viet Nam is the basis of a Qui Tam Lawsuit!  It was too short a barrel to ever be considered a long range rifle.  And in all cases above I believe that the crime of treason against the United States could have been committed by short charging the powder in the bullet cartridges.

One final point!  To have a .22 LR Semiautomatic handgun or Semi Automatic  type rifle is the worst thing one can do for self defense.  The Rimfire cartridge is prone to misfire!  At least with a revolver it will turn and switch to the next bullet rather than being lodged in the chamber and preventing the gun from being used!   Also any semiautomatic gun of any type that doesn’t use a round nose bullet is more prone to misfire!

You should never have to register a gun!  That is how Nazi Germany confiscated guns by creating a registry of them!  The victims had nothing to fear or they would not have registered their guns!  And when they did that is when they had something to fear.  So what is this evidence of?  Tampering with firearm laws and freedom in order to create genocide and win personal based conflicts?

And like it or not the majority of Gun Violence that occurs today is caused by the defeat of Prohibition!  ~Causing subtle forms of mental defect that are not listed on the fetal alcohol syndrome scale.  Dyslexia and bullying would be two that should be added to the fetal alcohol spectrum diagnosis!

FDR was in league with England; I have to ask if a mad man wasn't created in Germany by English operatives!    I believe that England modified Thompson Machine guns being shipped to Ireland for Ireland to use in defense against the English!!!!  That same type of gun was used by the FBI in its attempt to defeat Prohibition we lost that war and FDR quickly repealed it and took us into WWII!  FDR's family money came from the opium trade with China.  Immediately before the Viet Nam War we had the British Drug Invasion!  And heroin was widely available to U.S. Soldiers in Viet Nam!  "We all did it," a person whose word I trusted that served in Viet Nam told me!  What family surnames are involved in the Heroin trade worldwide?  Roosevelt is one of them!

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