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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Gallstone Medical Fraud 06 04 2014

Gallstone Medical Fraud 06 04 2014

I once read someone, I believe Hulda Clark state that gallstones were caused by flukes or parasites.  I also read about how to use a gallstone cleanse treatment to get rid of them.  And the woman stated that when you pass them they will look like round balls and be spongy.  Which means that the reason you passed them was because they lost their hardness due to the apple juice treatment that softened them up.
So I passed one.  It was spongy inside.  Then I put on the blue gloves the same ones that I use for woodworking and picked it out of the toilet to see if it was spongy.  It was!  It crumbled in my fingers!  In fact it seemed like a circle of bread crumbs. But you know how a bee have has channels?  That is what it seemed like to me.  So if it softened it meant that the resident flukes that created it had re-digested the calcium inside it or indeed vacated it altogether?
So if those gallstones are formed out of body minerals it means that the fluke is sequestering them and forming a hive stone through calcification deposit of them?  Which means that is the reason you might be having early bone and joint failure. Otherwise known as degenerative arthritis.
I would recommend eating Somali foods and Somali Tea!  They have a code with regard to how their meat can be cooked.
But why where they hard in the first place?
But the fact that they are dry inside might mean that that was a fiber pill that I took the day earlier.  How many feet long is the digestive track?  What this tells me is that I don’t have enough water in my digestive track!  How many other Americans suffer from this phenomenon?  And that is the reason they bloat and become fat?  What could be the reason?  Could it be electricity transferred through the air is drying out our bodies?  As if radio waves, television waves, cellphones, wireless router waves, nonlethal weapons a freak might use to talk to you in your head with?  Remember that the modern radio has only been around for maybe a 70 years or so, I am guessing on the exact time.  If that water can’t even get to my digestive track in order to dissolve a fiber pill, if that is what it was.  Then it also can’t rehydrate the cartilage in my joints at night.  It isn’t that we aren’t drinking enough water, it is that the electricity in the air is drying it out.  Has it really done anyone any good for a "spasticus autisticus" to talk to us on the radio?
Now the type of invalid argument that scientists who each and everyone one of them is really a crooked businessman use to say that electricity traveling through the air can’t harm you is that there are naturally occurring waves from space that travel through our bodies and they earth every day.  That argument is invalid for application of this corollary, “If you can drink a gallon of water you can also add to that and drink a gallon of wine a day.”  Just plain stupid isn’t it!  So that is the type of science we have today!  That is the basis of science with regard to human health.  That kind of bamboozling.

"Are parasites in our digestive tracks competing with what should be a normal intake of water for the utilization of that water themselves?"
And what do they end up using radio type equipment for?  A bastard using it to talk into the head of a human being he wants to believe is his mother or father.  So when Fascist Nazi Marconi who invented the radio stated he had harnessed the power of God.  It really meant that he harnessed the power to give a father figure a good talking to and also sickness.  The Italians are known to believe in someone that is not of their own family to be their God Father! (more on this in a separate article) But the point is that is part of the occult that would victimize a human being to hear voices in their heads.  They might be mentally retarded as a race.
One final point.  Author and Author-ity have the same root word.  Here is a link to my novel.  I suggest you attempt to write a good one yourself if you don’t want to purchase and read it.  That way you are striving to be an Authority too!  A coauthored book is less of a book of authority?

And the other thing is that no-body wants to drink water today because it is G@d D@mned putrid from that same 70 years Corporate America another Criminal Organized Crime Italian Concept has been around.  And a common thing about many songs that play on the radio is that of people who have had personal conflicts with "a beast of a person!"  So we like to hear that because it gives us knowledge of the beast of the person, but what has it done to prevent the beast of the person from being born?  Is that even true?  Do we really like to hear what the beast did to people?  No.  The beast likes to hear that!  Just like the beast would like to keep human skulls of its victims where everyone could see them?  Some of us would have grounds to object to that.  Although the beast would give the same bamboozling reasons as above in the future.  The point is this.  That beast is the equivalent of a dinosaur among us and that is exactly the direction it is taking the human race in!

You start to create something and all of a sudden you hear a voice mocking you and telling you that you are a "stiff necked person" as what we are told is a God (that really isn't) said to the worker in the Bible. That God in the Bible was a mentally retarded person!  Isn't that about how a dinasoar among us would behave?  Start to work and it would put out an emanation that distracted you from doing so?  It's got a brain the size of a walnut doesn't it.  Are their human beings who can talk very well that really have a brain the size equivalent of a Walnut because of a defective hippo campus function due to alcohol (fetal alcohol syndrome?  You can't tell me that isn't true!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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