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Monday, June 2, 2014

They’re not us 06 02 2014

They’re not us 06 02 2014

You are not going to like this rant or rave as you would call it either!

“If she was happy being married to him you wouldn’t be hearing the voice of a mentally retarded person in your head.”  How do you know that person behind the voice is mentally retarded.  Very simply they have a rule of never engaging you in dialog with that voice.  Once you get them to break that never engaging you in dialog rule you will learn rather quickly they are mentally retarded from your conversation with that voice.
The only way a mentally retarded person reforms in our society is if they are given a second personality through victimization of a human soul.  Hence every mentally retarded person that has reformed has a true multiple personality!  Whereby each of the two is separate and distinct!  That makes them the greatest danger the human race ever faced!
Pyscho-degeneration to that animal, CORE (is a popular word today in education) or initial true personality and then violent response to those who have the true human personality is the danger. (You would never want one of those as your mental health doctor would you!) That is why someone with true dunning of their normal soul is 13 times more likely to be a victim of violence.
The medical fraud also exists because the mentally retarded where that way since birth; mentally defective that could not learn in the human sense (they are also lumped in with the label of schizophrenia when they actually serve to create the real victimization that causes it) whereas the person diagnosed with hearing voices that overwhelm their minds ability to “hear” itself think was never mentally defective they were disabled by the mentally defective for that motive!  So the mentally defective can never be disabled because they never had ability in the first place!  Which means that the human being is disabled for their benefit.  The benefit of the monkey?
That makes the mentally retarded or mentally defective participants in creating the medical fraud.  Why?  Because they have a motive of depriving a human being from using their own mind and therefore soul!  In other words disabling them!
All gays and lesbians also likely have this multiple personality whereby their core is mentally retarded.  That is why they have the denial.  And it is also why the personality does not fit their gender.  It is also why they vehemently deny that they are not normal.  That would make them active participants in maintaining the medical fraud against independent and free thinking human beings!  Do you see why anyone who believes we of one mind is mentally retarded?  That group includes Sikhs, Communists (Slavic's), Druids, and the Kings religion of Christianity imposed on the United States.  It is very subtle to determine how Protestants, Christians and Catholics are of the one mind philosophy but the terminology is in the bible with the pagan phrase, “We will live the life he lead for us.”  It means that after a human being is sacrificed they will pretend to fill his shoes in life.  They will act as if they work as he did and that makes them feel comfortable or happy; the mentally defective or retarded person learning just one of many skills that are split from a human beings soul.  But if you believe that they actually learn them at the responsible level you are wrong!  It again is a delusion of human competence they like to believe and are extremely reluctant to the point of violence to part with!  We know they do not learn the skill set because we haven’t benefited from what those skills should be in the United States.  They charge more for what they can’t even do correctly as it should be done; and that creates a national debt that has the ultimate risk of bankrupting humanity!  Some what are termed highly successful and rich people such as career woman also have the multiple or stolen personality and that is why we have media propaganda preventing the truth from being known.   Would God forgive a mentally retarded person for wanting to be like a human being?  Yes.  But would God go so far as to forgive Cain from killing his brother Able?  No!  Cain was marked for that so everyone would know to look out for him!  Would he forgive the mentally retarded from victimizing humanity to the point whereby there was no more humanity? No.  Imagine if the mentally retarded no longer had any human being to become?  What would they resort to?  Victimization of a mentally defective human being in order to make them fearful and therefore more of a thinking in fear type person, hence more of a thinker?  But the result would be that of the multiple personality type 2 that would be formed; and the skills they would derive from victimization of such person would not be at the level of intelligence required to sustain humanity.  In other words two genetically mentally retarded people cannot sustain a race apart from human beings for longer than one generation.  You can’t learn anything from a mentally retarded person other than to be scared 5417less of them!  And that is indeed how some women raise their adopted children.  They drive out elements of humanity so that the child becomes dependent minded to a human soul that has been disabled for that very benefit.  That is why that whole race needs to be accurately diagnosed and monetarily dis empowered-
The  multiple personality disorder is the exact opposite of a disorder caused by victimization through voices; one is the schizophrenic, (Multiple personality) and the other is the desire to victimize a human being and liable them with a stigmata that makes them seem the equivalent of a mentally retarded person.
(There is also a second form of multiple personality that is segmented to be distinct different parts of personality through abuse and resultant fear.  Whereby the true personality of the good person is hiding and the intellect behind it non-developed or again mentally retarded?  In effect this personality is created because the beast is jealous of the humanity of its own child and abuses it!  Any element of human personality that is expressed is beaten down and hence forms a segment of a multiple personality.)
It is not an easy point to articulate but that is why it needed to be done!
There once was a movie “Less than Zero” where a young man from a wealthy family ran out of money and ended up performing fellatio in order to make money and get ahead.  That woman who drives the soul elements of a child out of them as detailed above also drives the gender identity out of her sons.  In effect they kiss each other at a young age.  In effect they are pre-indoctrinated to adapt to that less than zero way to make money or stay networked as an adult.  And that was Adolf Hitler, the gay origin of wealth in the Nazi party, and pederasty in the Nazi, Roman and Greek empire's.  And thanks to bastard minded Bill Clinton we had the prevalence of this in our Military Industrial Complex today! Can it be said to be caused by the woman so wanting to wear the pants because of a mental defect that she drives the human soul and gender identity out of her own children in jealousy of them?  A lot of the English are of that hidden gay persona too.  Why would they groom (essentially gang rape of girls) a woman; as the criminal English wealth does?  Because as an individual they wouldn’t know how to get along with her?
One in three marriages end in divorce?  How many of those marriages have some element of this concept in them?
How many children were scared 5417less by their own parents?  That mom want’s to believe that she is making them tough.  But she is indeed just projecting her own weakness and insecurity on them!  And some here are victims of that. (It’s all alcohol related.) So with regard to that second type of personality the way to ditch those elements of fear and distinct personality is to realize they were created by the beast.  Hence the goodness of one’s human heart is what shines up through that and blossoms from a green bud into a human being. (And that doesn’t mean you give all your money away and walk the land as a peace hippie child, like a Jesus freak who will end up reverting to cause the same gypsy type medical fraud in human beings your are a victim of; for money.) But as that is done one must be certain to put the oppressed elements of one’s mind into proper perspective rather than just put them in the closet so that humanity might be at risk of psycho-degeneration to one of those distinct parts.  One might say to themselves I recognize that part of me and what it means and it was caused by an abusive beast and hence was not my fault.  I was a child and there was nothing I could have done to prevent that!
In summary, the mentally retarded with the superimposed soul of a human being are indeed the cause of the medical fraud of schizophrenia.  And the labeling of a mentally retarded person as having schizophrenia is medical fraud!  It also prevents the truth from being known.  If you lump the criminal minded in with the victims of the criminal minded under one label you are highly unlikely to ever uncover the true nature of the criminal minded and their cause of the medical fraud.  So not only is there fraud in the cause there is fraud in the categorization.  The more appropriate and separate and distinct terminology needs to be applied.

Thomas Paul Murphy
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