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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

All Federal Gun Control Laws are Illegal! 06 24 2014

All Federal Gun Control Laws are Illegal!

In order for them to have been legal….they cannot be legal and never can; because we have the second amendment to the Constitution and it cannot be changed!  The Constitution is the Supreme Law of the Land and cannot be changed!
The only reason that Prohibition was a allowed to be overturned was because there was a clause in that amendment when that amendment was created!  All of the others cannot be changed.
There can be no amendments that create gun control!  Why?  Because the second amendment was the law that stated it will always be legal!  The second amendment outlawed any and all forms of gun control!  That is what it purpose was!
Because all gun control laws are in direct contradiction to the Constitution it means that they are illegal!  It is also illegal to obey and illegal order!  That means that none of those laws (Queen Federal) can legally be enforced!
You either give back that convict that served his time his gun or you execute him because he has not been reformed from the prison sentence.
Some of the gun control laws came ~1933.  The same time FDR repealed Prohibition and legalized alcohol!  The same time that the Securities and Exchange Act was created!  People fail to mention that the same people that wrote that bill were the ones who profited from the stock market crash of 1929!  FDR made more money shorting the stock market crash than at any other time in his life!  That money paved the way for him to run for President of the United States.  His family wealth came from the opium trade with China!  So how does it read?  We can steal your money in the stock market and take your guns away so that you can never challenge us as white collar criminals or as drinkers involved in criminal activity!
Those circa 1930 gun control acts are illegal too!  In Contrast to the Second Amendment to the Constitution, the right to always keep and bear arms that may not be infringed or repealed, that was meant to protect us from the likes of FDR who looted the American Economy during the stock market crash!
The reason they want to have laws regarding guns and felons is because they know that they criminal mind is caused by alcohol; in effect they want to have their cake and eat it too!  But the Constitution the Supreme Law of the Land must be enforced and hence either that convict is released and given their gun back or you execute them as they are a continued risk to the normal of the country, (normal does not include the sons and daughters or wealthy drinkers!)
Lincoln was a great man and he was shot by a gun!  Reagan was too, but he wasn’t legitimate; he traded arms to Iran in exchange for hostages without authority, in order to win the Presidential election against Carter!  Reagan paved the way for the buildup of the military industrial complex and the sale of advanced weaponry to foreign countries; ones that often are our enemies today!  We were not to have an army per times of peace per the United States Constitution.  All of that military spending should be canceled immediately and the money diverted so that every rooftop has clean and renewable electric energy produced from solar panels!
That second amendment is also meant to protect us from worldwide managers and owners of oil companies who would monopolize our energy market so that the rates on their fixed income remain high and they do not have to work!  And they keep the rates on fixed income high by high oil prices and therefore high energy prices!
And we are somewhat where we were with enforcing Prohibition today; and the drug dealers seem to have won!  If England modified the Thompson Machine guns shipped to Ireland then they also likely modified the Tommy Guns used by the FBI to make them inaccurate!
Wouldn’t it be better to not worry whether you kill a drug dealer or user when you are arresting them rather than being the sissy captain who states that they can’t have a gun after they have served their prison sentence?  And the rule should also apply with regard to alcohol during any Nuevo-prohibition!
The Federal Government cannot contradict the Supreme Law of the Land the Constitution; but they have!  The word Federal should be striked out from the United States Government and all Government functions!  It is something that snuck in here that can be viewed as a confederacy and also illegal per the Supreme Law of the Land The United States Constitution!

The Second Amendment is there because our Founding Fathers never wanted ANY form of Organized crime to take root in the United States, whether it be the drug dealing Italian Mafia or a Monarchy form of Government!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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