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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Twelve Year Old Girls Plan Murder With Knife 06 03 2014 in Waukesha County Wisconsin

Twelve Year Old Girls Plan Murder With Knife 06 03 2014 in Waukesha County Wisconsin

Those two girls are going to be living through the eyes of their victim’s life while they are in prison; for that very reason their lives just got a lot better!  My personal opinion is that they have each had their due process and should be hung by dog leashes!
There Germanic based surnames are Weier and Geyser.  Weier being derived from a dam or fish net.  And Geyser a meadow where goats graze.  I don’t know what the victims name was.
Their fathers had German surnames by their looks their mothers were from England.
Cotton Mather might have said the same thing.
It brings up an interesting point with regard to self defense; at what point can someone who is attacking you be declared by you to have had their “due process” in the escalation?
The novel concept should also be applied to a repeat offender on the second time in court???  And also how many travels through the official due process system should they get?  Particularly relevant with repeat offense type crimes such as drug dealers, armed robbers, murderers and sexual molesters of children at any age.
You can’t make a good egg out of a bad egg! 
We often here the equivalent of, “He received six courses of due process and served his time and was released every time.”  It really means that a watered down due process barred him from receiving the accurate penalty.  And perhaps those who do not like the concept of due process attempt to subvert it and weaken it in our Country (they have always been English)!  No doubt!  Due process should not equivocate to freedom!
Nor should someone’s life be improved by committing a crime and going to prison; as I asserted above will happen!
Those two beasts “carved” themselves inn to be living participants in their victims human conscious for the next 15 years (if that is the sentence they get)  until they are 27 years old.  They likely will be released at 21 years of age!  Hence they got a free ride on her conscious into adulthood!!!!!
What is really going on here?  They got to choose a human host for the rest of their childhood!
To a mean child of undetectable fetal alcohol syndrome and a defective hippocampus that is the greatest thing that can ever happen to them!  To sit and watch real time moving pictures, of someone else’s life, inside their prison cells like the troglodyte Socrates mentioned doing the same in caves!!!!
And while pictures will be taken of them they are going to attempt to look as evil as evil can be because when their victim see’s those images in the paper it reinforces that satanic conscious bond to them!  You will see people like this look very still until their victim thinks of them, at which time their senses of the beast awaken and enliven!  Those two will never contribute anything good or positive to society; one hundred percent guaranteed!  They cannot be reformed.
Off topic.  If you want to break the Constitution and ban guns you ought to outlaw spades and baseball bats at the same time!  A spade is virtually silent.
A man goes to war and serves in a platoon with a wealthy rancher’s son.  The man is injured, by negligence or intentional friendly fire by that wealthy son.  Has not the wealthy rancher’s son gotten his future life scroll and thereby assured himself of continued wealth?
One more point.  A man’s daughter was killed by someone with a gun.  For some reason the man does not seek the death penalty for the person that shot his daughter?  In effect he has become demonically possessed, from the death of his own family member as the triggering trauma event, to become an advocate for unconstitutional gun control instead of seeking to punish the actual person that shot his daughter?  That is a coward in my opinion!  A coward to properly point to the real cause of his daughter’s death; the person that killed her.  Someone that does not want to recognize the evil of human nature and what the penalty should be?  Why not?  Because he doesn’t want to recognize it in himself! In effect he has dissociative reasoning!  The dissociative reasoning is that the gun caused the crime; it didn’t.  The person who is of dissociative reason is just as dangerous to our democracy as the person that killed his daughter dead!
And if you have heard enough hippie liberal women Catholic school teachers in your life you know what they are going to say.  That the little girl who was stabbed will never be happier when those two girls will be released from prison; because that means the hurt has been healed and all has been forgiven. Huh?  That little girl will be scarred for life.  Every time she will look at her own body she will think of those two beasts that did it to her!  They have carved their way into her consciousness for life!
Now I know what you are saying.  How dare I talk about little girls like that!  He is not safe to have living in the same neighborhood as my little muffin Mary!!!!
When I was in college I was standing in a tavern with a group of the elite, as I always did.  All of a sudden a beautiful blonde girl that I considered might be a good catch blurted out in a crass tone while drinking a beer, “I have been fu7k1ng since I was twelve.”  I was shocked to hear that.  But as I get older I believe that some little girls are indeed used as sexual chips in a satanic occult.  Just like the less than zero story I told you of wealthy boys that I knew becoming accustomed to or acclimated to homosexuality.
And the mother of one of these children probably is of the belief system, “They are going to get it anyway!”  Well someone like that should never be allowed to adopt children.  And that means that if a child is not claimed upon or shortly after birth it should be aborted by sword as is the Biblical law.  And once again the Catholic Church has interpreted the message of the Bible to be the exact opposite of what it should be.
And brain wave scans could be conducted to confirm what I am asserting to be true of the devil.
Now I have not actually read the article in this morning’s newspaper.  Which makes me wonder where the Newspaper gets its news on cases?  It would seem to me that they have a monopoly on that?  Do they call judges?  Forgive me if I have never taken a course in Journalism but I believe that I could ask questions that would be of more benefit to society than our news media does!  And I am not afraid to give you my opinion rather than dry and sway you to my opinion through insufferable dry and irrelevant facts; that omit the (dead brain?) root issues!
The Yuppies hate writing like this worse than having their mouths washed out with soap.  A yelper being a person who actively is having his/her mouth washed out with soap? J

Thomas Paul Murphy
Originally published on 06 03 2014 at:
Copyright 2014 Thomas Paul Murphy

PS.  Waukesha is the wealthiest Republican voting county in Wisconsin.  I wonder if they were not inspired by Scott Walker in some way?  I thought it so I wrote it.  I didn't make it up in order to be mean.  It was a true thought to me!    :&

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