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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The Best Thing that We could do for poor black people is to create alcohol free zones of their neighborhoods! 06 18 2014

The Best Thing that We could do for poor black people is to create alcohol free zones of their neighborhoods!  06 18 2014

And I don't see any reason why they cannot zone it to be that way!  If a wealthy village can zone that small amounts of marijuana is a misdemeanor and not a felony that a poor black neighborhood or district can zone itself to be an alcohol free zone.

So you are a casual drinker and don't find it a problem?  Let me just tell you that your life will be a whole lot better from that zoning ordinance!

If you can zone that I can't use tools after 9:00 pm outside in Whitefish Bay Wisconsin, If you can zone that I can't put clean renewable energy solar panels on my roof without being subjected to aesthetic review....Then a poor black neighborhood can zone itself to be an alcohol free zone!

And if that happened that neighborhood would become far more popular that the most expensive shopping mall with luxury stores!

If you can zone that a school zone is a gun free zone (again dissociating cause) then you can also properly interpret what that should mean in terms of not wanting any drunks within a 2 mile walking distance of that school zone and zone that to be an alcohol free zone!   A community isn't just a school zone!  Access to a community and your children does not just occur within that school zone?  Do you know what a drug dealer bully thinks, "As soon as that child leaves that school zone they are open game!"   And that is exactly what the elite satanic believe of your child when he graduates from college and finds a job in a big city away from home!  So what we have is indeed the same problem at many levels of our society!  I hate nothing more than a beast sitting in an office who would direct that the child of a human being should have drugs pushed to them!

And here is the psychological construct that is paramount and that has never been made, "In order for the pusher to escape personal pain he give YOU a drug of escapism!"  No matter what color that is it is a different race; a lesser race! His/her idea of Constitutional Liberty is that they really want you to have it and take it!

Now I am an educated man of taste and I do not like to associate or be in the presence of people who drink alcohol!  And do you know how quickly their happiness from the drink ends?  When you won't have one also!

Alcohol wires a persons brain to be different!  However I believe it only has to be temporary!

First they give you a drink of alcohol and then they want to give you something else!  The alcohol is a depressive.  Not only that because it depletes the oxygen from your brain it lowers your inhibition to have those other drugs pushed on you!  So that is indeed the nature of my claim that relates to the above.  It violates your Constitutional right to Liberty to have an addictive substance given or sold to you!  If you don't like the United States Constitution it doesn't mean that you attempt to thwart it, it means that you leave here today!

And what does that mean if you own a bar, restaurant or store that sells alcohol in that Zone?  It means "TOUGH!"  You either cease and desist and convert it to a viable business that doesn't, sell it quick or it is taken by eminent domain for the best reason ever! Isn't that an odd concept application?  The best thing that you can do with a property as a Mayor is to just take it from that end use and prevent it; that is the major improvement!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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