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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Missing Stages to Manhood 06 18 2014

Missing Stages to Manhood 06 18 2014

First it plays with toys in life so that one day it learns to use tools and be a productive member of society.  Some tools are indeed made to look like tools.
But what if it never graduated to that stage in life when it learns to use tools? 
How could this happen; because it never learned how to correctly play with toys?
How come it never learned how to play with toys?  Because it was played with as a toy?  Because it was mentally and socially defective and therefore didn’t enjoy playing with toys and then graduating to play with tools?  Because it never graduated out from that fantasy stage in life because it was unable to?  Why was it not able to leave that fantasy stage in life?  Because there was no influence for it to be a mature and responsible adult?  Even though it was of the appropriate age to be an influence as an adult it was unable to?  Why not?
And what happens when it doesn’t know how to use tools?  Then because of that self limitation it learns to use people as tools!  It learns how to manipulate them instead of manipulating tools.
And what happens when it learns it can readily manipulate people without learning how to use tools itself?
What happens when that which enjoys manipulating people that never learned how to use tools as our Founding Father’s readily did gets elected to positions in the United States Government?
How can one male like this indeed believe itself to be capable to make decisions for the rest of us?  He doesn’t know the first thing about human life because he did not graduate from those respective steps of human learning.  It can’t use tools but it wants to manage those who can?  Does it manage in resentment of those who can use tools? 
So we are to look at him and her and expect them to be able to roll up their sleeves and fix the United States economy?  That is a complete delusion on a mass scale!
We are supposed to respect his commentary and opinions on television regard important matters of United States Government of our Democracy when he/she hasn’t completed critical stages to manhood?
Thomas Paul Murphy
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Copyright 2014 Thomas Paul Murphy

And someone else can write it from the viewpoint of a female. I could but I don’t want to!  Probably much the same as this but mentioning cooking, sewing and reading to a child as a matter of a female truly imparting her motherly nature to a daughter!

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