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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Forms of Mental Retardation 06 15 2014

Forms of Mental Retardation 06 15 2014

1.       Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (Brain defects due to alcohol
2.       Down’s Syndrome (Mongolism)
3.       Autism (linked to abnormal folds in the placenta.)
4.       Asperser’s (haven’t researched it much but know it when I see it in public.  Some of these seem to be round faced and Hispanic looking to me.)
5.       Cerebral Palsy (caused by radiation exposure, and hypoxia-which really means oxygen deprivation due to alcohol and pine tar in cigarettes?)  Just from circumstantial evidence the fathers of a lot of these categories have “Flint Aged Voices.”  The flint aged voiced father might have had a hearing defect he adapted to?  Oddly enough a lot of those large body builders have the flint aged voice as well as some Slavic/Polish?
6.       Dyslexia (Inability to read at normal level.)
7.       Attention Deficit Disorder (The inability to sit still and listen to an adult.  Think of this one as being the cause of Nazi Germany and its populous.  It can only be caused by beer and cigarettes creating a brain defect.  That brain defect might not even show up on x-rays, but it shows up in behavior directly related to the brain defect.)
8.       Blindness (Brains inability to process visual stimuli)  And other eye disorders present at birth.
9.       Homosexuality and Lesbians (A sexual identity inconsistent with physical reality.  You cannot prove to me that the desire to touch another boy isn’t a form of brain defect or mental retarded development; and the fact that you get steaming mad at my accusation only further supports it’s validity!)
10.   Bullying (A meanness caused by comparative dislike for oneself and one’s ability.) A form of early onset criminal behavior.
11.   Drug Use (An inability to cope as a healthy child; can be thought of as being born with a genetic dependency to alcohol?)
12.   Inbreeding/ Miscegenation defects to the hippo-campus
13.   The Desire to Torture (Witchcraft) (witness the two 12 year old girls who used a knife to cut a little girl the fooled into believing was their friend.)  Concept legitimized by both George Bush and Israel.
14.   Hearing defects: the inability to listen and learn.
15.   Also there is the desire to kill the healthy human being!  We are seeing evidence of this construct emerge on shows like Dateline and also the two 12 year old girls in Waukesha.  In the case of the two 12 year old girls from Waukesha they planned on cutting up and killing a little girl for the start of their summer vacation.  And this brings up a very important point.  Have you discussed with your child how he or she plans on spending their summer vacation?  When I was a boy two boys from the other side of town who were extremely wealthy stalked me as I was looking under the bleachers the day after a football game for stuff that might have fallen out of pockets.  The one son the son of a Insurance Company owner and I was told he came from one of the wealthiest families (Italian) in Milwaukee.  I can tell you already he had a behavioral disorder that went undiagnosed and indeed he was allowed to evade the concept of diagnosis by being sent to an expensive pay for private school!  (You likely want to know what happened when they attempted to accost me?  I decked the one square in the Jaw and his friend caught him as he was falling down, and I took off running and they didn’t catch me!) And perhaps here is a profound moral to consider, because I decked him nothing bad happened to me!  Get it?  A normal child develops a sense of "Something wicked this way comes," early in life!  And I was a good kid.  I didn't get into many fist fights as a child, in fact I can't remember more than that one.  Maybe I should have gotten into more!  There were times that I could have!  But I can tell you already those nuns might not have sided with me even if I saved another child!  And I might have ended up in Boy's Town!  You get a sixth sense for not only what children can't stand you but also which adults can't stand you!  And I know what you are saying that is paranoia at a young age?  Look at how many children are abducted every year?  As a parent you d@mn well wish you taught your child a reasonable sense of that!  And I feel a child should just be allowed to roam and go about their business of being a child who explores the community.  The fact that their is an odd satanic threat to them originates because those who should have gotten the death penalty and been euthanized never were!
How children like this plan their summer vacation is far different than how a normal child does!  In terms of what they look forward to!
This is the list that I created.  I believe it more truly reflects birth defects to the human brain and is therefore of a greater analytical benefit to society to think of it in these terms!    I also believe that every single one of the above conditions is caused by the biological parents drinking pre and during pregnancy.
What is the cost to our society of all of these?  It is unfathomable!
The medical community now calls mental retardation intellectual disability.  Intellect implies verbal ability.  I believe that the medical community has again erred on the self serving side.  Can you tell me what the intellectual ability of a normal and healthy child would be if they were in the same classroom as any of the above?  For example a child traumatized by a bully above might have less verbal ability because of the introversion it caused but that does not make them mentally retarded it makes them a victim of a mental retard!  Again it is labeling a victim of a mental retard to be the one with the illness!
A lot of the definitions to these conditions seem to change over time as a Doctor looks at the waves from his sailboat while drinking his wine and decides to rewrite them?  The strong intellect child might look on the rest of the classroom as if they are the children of fools and decline to verbally participate with them?  What am I getting at?  A strong intellect child would decline to participate in activities with the above and interact with them because the common sense his parents taught them would be that they are a great danger!

You might not like my next statement either, but they all pose a risk to your community and the stability of the United States!  The only way they can assume a posture of normality in adult society is by brushing up against your normal children in a bad way.

If you would like a more official list read at the links below.

Okay when the Bible speaks about Satan to me it is talking about someone with a brain defect.  A man on Bible Talk Radio stated that King Nebuchadnezzar was known to be (A) Satan.  So I next intend to study him to see if there are evidence of brain defects.  I have already learned that a Pharaoh had a form of Cerebral Palsy.  Perhaps the greatest risks to organized society is when someone with an above defect attains political power.  George Bush was one such person! If I were President the first thing I would do would be to have all manner of brain scans and brain function scans performed on him.

Thomas Paul Murphy
Originally published on 06 15 2014 at:
Copyright 2014 Thomas Paul Murphy

If Jesus could have really healed people he would not have called the Canaanites dogs!

And a statistician might be able to lend some light on this next question, "Is it always the normal children that are abducted?"  What are the statistics normal versus not in abductions?  Do you see what I am implying?  It is always the normal children that are abducted which by definition reference above means the abnormal are abducting them!

I remember more of that bleacher fight scene again.  The came up walking along side of me.  The one started to punch me in the upper right arm.  I turned and decked him and his friend caught him as he was falling.  Do you ever remember that scene from the Road Warrior Mel Gibson movie where Mel kills the blond gay man that rode on the back of the motorcycle and his gay mate got madder than h311?  That is how mad he got!  Now I don't know if those two were childhood homosexuals.  But I have told the story here before about how I found out my Jewish friend was a childhood homosexual.  And he invited me over to his house when another friend was there.  They started kissing.  They motioned sucking lips like I should to but I didn't and left.  Then I asked him a day or so later what that was all about and he said, "What if you could only be one person other than yourself in life who would it be?"  He ended up moving to a newer suburb.  But I believe a lot of the sons of the wealthy are bonded together throughout life through childhood homosexuality.  

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