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Monday, June 16, 2014

“An Artist that doesn’t have any customers is still an Artist!” 06 16 2014

“An Artist that doesn’t have any customers is still an Artist!” 06 16 2014

Meaning of quote.
And there are many fields that are Arts.  Even science is an art.  Scientists don’t want to admit that.  Why?  Because then it is precluded from being a business?  The concept of science being an Art delegit“An Artist that doesn’t have any customers is still an Artist!”imizes science as a business; because it lessens the strict nature of discipline as credibility!  And had that happened a long time ago we would not have the worldwide pollution we do today.  Even those claiming to be environmentalists have business goals that are a direct contradiction to the environment!
So what does, “An Artist that doesn’t have any customers is still an Artist,” really mean?
The meaning has to do with how people with money seek to define by preclusion those who do not!  So the question becomes who or what is it that would seek to preclude you from the freedom, beauty and joy of self expression?
Who is it that would covet your freedom of self expression; to the point they would attempt to preclude you from the beauty of yourself expression?
Someone that had there’s stifled as money was a prime concern.  They did not want their children to do anything in life that would make them standout in the lineup!  Hence they themselves and their children need to assume the beauty of your human self expression as their own.  “We will live the life he lead for us,” is the pertinent phrase from the Bible, used after they murdered a great philosopher and PROFIT (intentional spelling) for them.
It is like a joke I used to tell about people from the poor side of town.  They go to the store and buy the exact same shirt, pants, jacket, shoes and socks and tie that the manikin is wearing!
You are still a great many things by the time you are a normal human being that becomes an adult; even if you do not have any customers!  Especially true if you hear voices!  The barrier of resentment?
The art of science as a business should have always been what can benefit society without first doing any harm!  Science is not an art because it hasn’t been used to benefit mankind but rather to compromise human health and expression?  If it is not an art then it doesn’t benefit humanity and is not an expression of humanity?  I am claiming that a true artist has far more skills than a scientist.  The scientist seeks to define the artist as being less than a scientist by the use of science when the exact opposite is true!  The artist is the human being with human reason and human conscience whereas the scientist as a businessman…from empirical evidence might find himself in dire need of proving that someday.  The scientist was not able to apply science as an artist analyzes and then synthesizes.  To apply science should have always been in conjunction with a complete use of human reason and human conscience.  But the scientist as a business man also precludes that from occurring doesn’t he!

And it will be art as a science that disproves bad science.

It is kind of like a philosophical question in this manner, "If a tree falls all alone in a forest a tree still falls."

Thomas Paul Murphy
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