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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The Unfounded Belief System 06 17 2014 A four part article

The Unfounded Belief System 06 17 2014 A four part article

Part 1  A Satire of woman’s Goals in marriage as if she were a man.  

In other words you will see how odd it will be if a man had that same goals as a woman for getting married.
“I want to get married and have a dark haired little girl,” he said.
“I always liked a dark haired little girl.”
“I think it would be neat to have a dark haired little girl as a daughter.”
“I always wanted to marry a woman that looked just like Barbie.  You know a girl who was popular and on the cheer-leading team!  I always wanted to marry a cheerleader.  I just thought she would be really fun!”
We go to College or High School and drink and isn’t that how we end up thinking!!!!  We don’t look to fall in love; instead we search for a person that meats the criteria of socially indoctrinated and MARKETED false ideal isms!  Why?  Because those idealism's seem like a safe bet to us!  Why?  Because they were propagandized so much through advertising that they seem like a safe bet.  (One more point off topic, dolls used to come in many different styles!!!  So why the channeling and narrowing to just the blond?  (Adolf himself stated his sisters were as dumb as Geese.  Fetal alcohol syndrome?  And as a counterpoint the face on a popular doll looks like an airhead doesn’t it?”  How many normal males see that and say, “I believe she should be the leader of a country?”  It is laughable isn’t it!
But what do we end up with?  Someone whose life was a quest to be some false object of materialism who is also an alcoholic!  Females have a hard enough time in the world, their brains are 10% smaller! They should never be allowed to drink alcohol!  Have you ever noticed how a woman with a glib personality makes decisions; she stands still for awhile and then decides as if she used a grasping at straws approach, and we get stuck with the results!  She cannot tell you the reasoning or the rational because that is very disturbing for her!  It causes emotional discontent!  And how does she package and promote her decisions?  Like they are the popular things to do or the popular way things should be done?  Rather than reason she uses a presumed consensus!

 {If you ever get a chance rent the movie “Cherry 2000”}

The Drug Dealer Never knows how bad he is Part 2

John Dillinger who killed a great many people as a leader of organized crime that defeated Prohibition through violence never thought he was a bad person!  How many lives have been ruined by alcohol since?  How many children born with mental retardation?  How many car accidents leading to disability.  How many cancers caused by it?  Not only was he not a bad person he was the equivalent of the Devil!
The drug dealer actually believes they are Christ like or Saint like don’t they for the happiness from the drug that they give and then sell to you!!!!  When the opposite reality is true, “They have stalled your personal development!”
Life is about continued personal achievement and the satisfaction of attempting it!  The mental reward should never come from anything other than that!  If you can’t handle that you weren’t meant to be born!  Now what is consistent with that?  Not wanting those you know who can achieve; achieve!
Life isn’t about attempting a craft and then being sour grapes wine or mash or wort for the rest of your life because you weren’t the best!  It is about constantly applying yourself no matter how many obstacles!  And it also isn’t about stating you are the best and excluding those you know who are better from self expression!  That isn’t what fair competition is about!
You don’t go to college to be part of occult witchcraft or covens! (Sorority and Fraternity)  When that happens women lose their rights to vote (and possibly some men should too!)  How can that happen?  Diagnosed as not being able to make legal decisions for yourself from collusion in what amounts to organized crime!
Perhaps the best way to think about issues that face humanity is to ask yourself, “What would the motivations of a monkey (s) living among us be and how could we prevent them from negatively influencing the free world?” 
And the list would be a pretty long one so I won’t get on a roll with it but just mention a few.
They would be:
1.       Jealous of natural human accomplishment!
2.       The female although not overtly, would be the most dangerous!  Again you never want to couple ANY drug damage to the brain with a 10% less brain size!
So we need to ferret that out!  And it can be tested for!
“Here is what you should be able to comprehend about what is being said at your age and this is your result.”
“It isn’t even at the level of a High School graduate is it!  And nor is your ability to listen!  And respect the rights of the person speaking!”
That is an arrogance of already knowing your point when they really don’t want to admit to the existence of someone smarter.  Again as per above it is painful for them!  And appears to be based on a consensus grasping at straws approach to decision making, or rather instead of what do I think should be done, what would so and so do in situation like this!  That so and so logic only should apply until the age of 18 meaning adulthood!  At that point the human being should have transitioned from what so and so would do to an integrated, independent and congruent with self and flexible while yet intelligent and pragmatic belief system!!!!!  Any one understand this?

Unfounded Beliefs in Self Part 3

Those with unfounded beliefs in themselves (beliefs not supported by reality) need to use drugs in order to support (and bolster up) that unfounded belief system!  Without the drugs they are crushed in our society!  And the primary drug that allows them to bolster a sense of self not supported by reality is alcohol.  Perhaps the worst abuse of this is the person who believes that meanness is a required to be in business.  What is business?  It is really a place where human beings interact as adults.  It is where they gather in society to achieve goals that benefit humanity!  It is not to be where one seeks to be the dominant ape!  Meanness is really part of the same scale of violence and inciting violence!  And yes, if you remember the article reference from a few days ago that tells how a criminal minded person incited violence then you realize that mean people like to incite violence in order to make themselves not look like criminals in our society!  In other words they cannot cope with human civilization so they attempt to thwart it by being mean to those born normal and therefore naturally happy!
A ploy that follows along with this is the desire to believe that everyone else is not as responsible as you are!  First the criminal minded re-legalize alcohol and then they want to say that those who can think for themselves who also chose not to drink should not own guns?  Everyone in the United States was meant to own guns!  Every single one of us is supposed to be that responsible!  And that is how it was!  So to say that we are not as responsible means that you erred in the Government of us at some point in time?  And that is the most dangerous thing that can happen, the mentally defective come into political power!  And those who hear voices are normally not mentally defective but rather can be thought of as victims whose minds are inundated by the mentally defective!
Those with the unfounded belief in themselves never know they are bad persons!

Part 4 The Water into Wine Nebuchadnezzar and the Devil

On Bible Talk radio the other day….  {I just listen to it while I am in the workshop working because I like the way it makes me think and the translational comparisons that can be made from listening.}   the radio host told how Jesus Christ believed that Nebuchadnezzar was Satan!  What a Bible thumping person never seems to want to tell you is that Satan is plural meaning that a great many are evil minded.   Just look at the paper and the crimes committed and it is readily proved to oneself!  And perhaps the way that Satans best hide their identity is to free those who have committed horrific crimes.  I also want to mention it is being applied with regard to enemies of war that will always be enemies of war who should be executed if they are truly guilty!  But how can you execute them when you have evil minded leaders in your own government?  And that is again why they are not executed by Government!  Comparatively it makes the policy of the Government representative seem not as bad!  It is an element of propaganda isn’t it!  We can’t adequately punish the person that did that so we can also never punish me!  It is General Custer layering human being as a wall in front of himself as a coward.  And indeed about 9 out of 10 of our last U.S. Presidents have origins in the South.  That is where Charles Summer believed should all be stripped of their states names for their criminal action of the civil war and the insurrection of slavery!  He also believe that Great Britain should hand over Canada to the United States for their part in aiding and readily abetting the Confederate slave owning south in the Civil War!  Both of those elements should have happened in U.S. History!  Hindsight tells us both one justified and would have done the nation a great service!
So back to why Nebuchadnezzar was Satan!  I believe it is a 15 once wine bottle gets its name from Nebuchadnezzar, it is called a Nebuchadnezzar!  Also in the Bible when you read about the story of the loaves and the fishes you need to understand that Jesus Christ poured out the wine in the Nebuchadnezzars and put water in them instead!!!!  It has never been presented to you that way!  Also there was a man named Samuel who was viewed as a God too and he did the same thing.  And what is stated although it has been contorted too, is that he saved a great many when he poured out that wine!  The worst thing that a newlywed couple can ever do is to drink French Champagne on the night they consummate their wedding!  It leads to the many types of mental retardation listed in a prior days article!  And some of those forms are very subtle.  Can you tell by looking at a person or listening to them talk that they don’t know how to read?
If someone gave you a mandate on your wedding night, when you would likely also consummate the marriage such as this, “Either you have wine there or you aren’t getting married.”  That is a bad intentioned thing isn’t it!  But believe it or not every time a woman plans a wedding they are stuck with the wine and champagne!  It is much the same principal of going to buy a new car and saying you only want to spend this amount of money because you know that is how much it costs and the little D@go salesmen argues with you for three hours.  And some of that sales tactic are mild insults to your intelligence that betray your belief in yourself and your will for the fair price.  Same thing goes on with weddings and wedding planners.  “No one will be happy at your wedding if there isn’t alcohol there!  You want people to be happy don’t you?”  When I illustrate it this way do you see how evil that person is?  Remember Jesus poured out the wine from the Nebuchadnezzars at the wedding and so did Samuel!  And what is the purpose of the alcohol?  To make other people believe that you are a more fun person than you really are?  Perhaps the most fun people are those who do not readily lose their inhibition?  Be honest with this one!  When they naturally open up and express themselves it is very enlightening isn’t it!
So what were the people saved from when Jesus and Samuel poured out that wine?  That pile of excrement like John Dillinger who killed a great many, in the name of a religion of and for the mentally retarded, and never thought he was a bad person!  And that was another Satans.  I am intentionally making it plural, forcing it to be so with that added S.  I don’t care if you don’t like it!  A lot of our indoctrinated truncations are derived from Great Britain where they worshipped the monkey in the Druid Religion (Winston Churchill was one.)  “We’ll just hide that S so no one figures it out!” “There is just one monkey among us, if even that, and not a great many. Monkey should have no plural either.  It has to be some obscure word like, “A shrewdness.”  You know if you want to be that way about it we should use the term a lot more often!  “A shrewdness believed that the parents of the mentally retarded should receive $80,000.00 a year from Social Security to take care of their offspring in Wisconsin.”  “A shrewdness believed that not one member of offspring should ever be aborted!”  “A shrewdness stated that the Republican Parties prime concern was spending an inordinate amount of money from social security and human patience so that a Down’s Syndrome child could attend the High School dance.” “A shrewdness stated that a fictional legal entity that is unconstitutional is really a person!” “A shrewdness stated that when a person hears voices in their heads it is really just them talking to themselves and insulting themselves because they vehemently hate themselves and therefore nothing they say should ever be believed.”  “A shrewdness pontificated that drug dealers are not really criminals and should be set free from prison.”  “A shrewdness stated that people who hear voices in their heads need to have their brains stirred with a metal rod until they cannot speak and all members of their family should be sterilized.”  I mean did your really hate yourself, what is more likely to be true is that those who were mean to you want you to hate yourself!  Isn’t that a prime directive of mean people?  It is part of all their daily life motivation isn’t it!  Now that Bible radio guy would say that God is using satan to accomplish his will?  That is gobbledygook! If God could control the behavior of Satans there would be no Satans.  God didn’t create us so that we could be subject to the forces of destruction!  When we experience pain it means that we are to react to it in order to eliminate its cause, we are not supposed to live in pain because its Gods will.  We experience pain as we learn in life and learn from it!  Touch that hot oven once as a child and you have learned it causes pain and is not good for you!

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