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Friday, June 20, 2014

The Electric Motorcycle Quandary. 06 20 2014 draft

The Electric Motorcycle Quandary.

The concept of the Electric Motorcycle being a lighter motorcycle with greater range:
When you compare a motorcycle to a bicycle what comparisons can you make?
For an electric motorcycle to have a range of only 60 miles is indeed because of the weight of the bike!
A bicycle weighs about 25 pounds.  It can go 30 mph or even faster down a hill.  The major weight to control is that of your body in comparison to the weight of the bicycle.
Comparatively a motorcycle does not travel that much faster than a bicycle.  And top speed on the highway is 65 mph in Wisconsin per the best of my knowledge.  Anyone who weaves one of those in and out of highway traffic faster than that is looking for a broken neck!
In terms of a motorcycle the motorcycle often weighs more than a person’s body.  Would it have to weigh that much as an electric motorcycle.
The momentum of the heavier motorcycle is what causes the greater personal injury.
The point being that an electric motorcycle that weighs less than current models is a much safer motorcycle to ride because the operator must speed up and slow down at a slower rate!
Could an electric motorcycle be made to go a lot further?  Yes!  By making it lighter? Yes!
What might be the issue is that 300 pound men or more would need to have their own class of motorcycle.  Then the real issue becomes that the weight of the rider is what causes personal injury because a man that heavy needs a heavier bike!  Are lighter men more prone to injury because the bikes are built heavier to accommodate the fat rider inclusively yes!  Again because the heavier bike draws the rider into an accident with more momentum!
Should a heavier rider be required to have a graduated license operation fee because of the increased risk that they pose?  Yes!
Thomas Paul Murphy
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Could you put a 4' x 8' strip of plywood on top of a golf cart and mount amorphous solar panels on it and use it to ride to the grocery store with a full charge and back and possibly anywhere?  Yes!

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