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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Derivatives Billionaires are the monarchies directive and charter 06 15 2014

Derivatives Billionaires are the monarchies directive and charter 06 15 2014

Derivative Billionaires can be thought of as the banking system writing billion dollar checks to an operative!   A financially backed mercenary or foreign spy!  It is almost like the money is a queens Charter to achieve some goal counter to our Democracy.
For the American to believe a Tuna head honestly earned 500 million United States Dollars by working as a Banking Executive or Commodity trader is a complete work of fiction!  Gaming of the Financial System!

So what is the goal of these men whom we are told retired early?  Do they have a goal or charter with regard to that money paid to them by our National Banks?  Money that they cannot explain how they got!  Could they teach an individual how to make that same amount of money or even a million dollars?  We know that could never happen don’t we!
So what did the United States have?  We had personal liberty and freedom!  And that didn’t mean the freedom to poison your mind by an addictive substance.  So is the goal in favor of financing the luxurious lifestyles of the non-thinking satanic?
The goal being to reduce the human race to satanic minded non-thinking beasts?
As those who are given money are the only options normal women have to marry?
Billionaires in the Financial Industry?  Believe me, they are not that smart!
Who are the big banks in the United States today?  From Canada and Great Britain, and those that are not are staffed by foreigners; who act like High School dropouts! 
And what has happened during their personal prosperity?  It has been accompanied with increased distribution of drugs, gay rights, gun control, thumbing the nose at pollution regulations, decreased education standards met and all manner of civil unrest.
The desire to state people are inferior to you by victimizing them!
We need to decouple the Corporate Banking Economy from the United States Dollar!  Our currency should have never been convertible into those of countries that did not have our human rights and Constitution!
You could see cities go completely bankrupt but as long as that stadium is up and running everything is okay?  How many make it into professional sports every year?
What happens when there are no more good human beings born for you to act like?
Nobody likes this stuff I write!  Very negative writings.  But I don’t care how it looks I feel compelled to stand up for what I believe in and what I know is true!

So what are they really?  The mentally defective wealthy offspring of the alcohol drug culture society.  They have been a detriment to human society, values and freedom since the invention of money!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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