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Friday, June 13, 2014

Maintaining the delusion of uneducatable self as authority 06 13 2014

Maintaining the delusion of uneducatable self as authority 06 13 2014

How many of you have had the same conflict with other people in life that I have in that some have the desire to “maintain the delusion of uneducatable self as authority.”
Often that desire is so strong that they resort to the following type of concepts in order to mock you;
“He said this but I want it to mean this.”
“He said this and I’m going to say it means this.”
………………………………..(When they use this concept in mockery it really means that you are their lifetime teacher?  And that means they are the equivalent of a lesser race or monkey doesn’t it? The un-educatable finding great elements of humor in knowledge?  It’s like when they try and think they have painful boneheads?  And we see this at the highest levels of what is termed professions today don’t we!  The bonehead isn’t on the same wavelength as the human being is it!  And I am not talking about a human being that does not understand because human emotion is making them question it.  I am talking about a human being that in effect hates its teacher/father.  Now if you read the Bible you see that Jesus Christ hated father figures! But that isn’t it is it!  He hated bad father figures!  In the gospel of Barnabas Chapter 26-27 it tells how Gods used to be infinite on earth.  You can find a copy of it to read here:
  It also tells how those who mocked a God were turned into hideous beasts in Egypt.  Where they turned into one or where they already and that is why they mocked human thought in laughter?  Or is it really that when one mocks the thoughts and ideas of true authority they turn themselves into a hideous beast. I am not making this up!  It also tells how the temple contained 1000’s of different Gods!  And what they really were carvings of human heads that were made (like Tikimen I presume)!  So here we have an undercurrent of the Haitian or African Voodoo religion in Judaism. Then there is a part where Abraham’s father takes him to the temple because it is time for him to have his own God.  Where human beings kept prisoner in those temples?  We know from the Essene Jewish religion that children were raised by an evil master juxtaposed to an exiled priest.  Exiled means imprisoned to me.  Now that brings up a whole issue in the United States of those who have been wrongfully imprisoned.  What do they served as exiled imprisoned Gods?  Chapters 26 and 27 also tells how Gods had absolutely no problem getting along with one another!
And who exactly was the God Baal?  Was it really a truncation of Jezebel…Jeze-bal…Jeze…baal, or just plane baal.  She was a very evil woman!  In fact is it likely that she did not have her own human soul.  So imagine what kind of a son would be raised by a woman like that; the concept is sad and horrific at the same time isn’t it!
Back to the start of this article: That amounts to an overwhelming desire for them not to want to believe you are as smart as you are!  This is also a problem with the humor we see today; as it leads to those who cannot be educated doesn’t it.  If you mock words of wisdom you end up with an entire class of people that can’t be educated.

And perhaps the greatest detriment to education has been when those who would seek to maintain the delusion of uneducatable self as authority become teachers and education staff.  I know what you are saying, "How could they be a teacher if they are unedacatable?"  And my response is, "How can you say they were ever a teacher when their students didn't learn?"

Thomas Paul Murphy
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Uneducatable- it is one of those words that has been omitted from the English language because of culpability?

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