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Friday, June 27, 2014

I was never that immature at any time in my life 06 27 2014

I was never that immature at any time in my life.  Am I the only one who feels this way when I watch a few minutes of television?  When you apply that standard to society it starts to reveal itself a little more.
How many comedians make their money from alcohol?  How hard is it to make a drunk person laugh?  It is a lot easier than a sober person!  And what happens when we have comedians that are very successful at making drunk people laugh and therefore making money from alcohol?  It legitimizes that exact standard of mediocrity in our nation!  And that creates a lesser race in a nation that had the highest standards of integrity in the world!
I don’t believe that anyone who makes money from alcohol sales in any way should be living in the same neighborhood as I do!  I don’t need that mediocrity and I have the Constitutional right to Liberty to be free from it!
Because of the national mediocrity that has been created would it be out of the question to confiscate all the personal assets of those involved in the alcohol drug trade because it is racketeering?  I believe that is possible and legal to do!
When you look at someone and state, “I was never that immature in my life,” do you also come to the conclusion that that immaturity is a sign there is something wrong with them that hasn’t received a standardized classification of diagnosis?  They were left to roam free from the medical journals at the expense of the rest of us!
I was talking to a nurse today about the emergency facilities in Milwaukee, I made the comment you would be better off going into a barroom full of drunks to get treatment!  And she did indeed identify with that and find it to be very funny!

How many of us have had a conflict with a great many other people because we are of that principle, "I was never that immature at any time in my life!"

Thomas Paul Murphy
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