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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Gay Marriage and Little Boys and Girls 06 12 2014

Gay Marriage and Little Boys and Girls  06 12 2014

What is legitimizing gay marriage saying to little boys and girls that were sexually molested?  Could it sway them to that belief system after or response to the sexual abuse?  In effect the sexual abuser is deciding their sexual identity for them!  In the reaction to the trauma their hormones might be changed or limited?  They might be further bullied in the class room to have a helpless to be man or woman personality?  In effect they are imprinted to be of a sexuality they were not naturally created to be. 

So you still don't believe in that?  Then let me ask you this would you allow an adult to run around and be the one that determines the sexuality of your children by sexually disfiguring them?  And a man that seeks to touch that anatomy of a male can only be said to be a homosexual, so in effect one homosexual is creating another out of your child!

Is that what the American Public and our Federalists Judicial System believes is appropriate?

That child see's himself/ herself as less than the standard and is comforted by the fact that it is considered a normality (gay marriage); when it effect that sexual abuser should have been hanging from its neck by a rope; as a matter of law!

Do adults want gay marriage because they are waiting to chose and cull from your children as they age a person to manipulate, control, sexually victimize with a sense of normalcy?  That is a lizard that wears human skin to me!

In effect legalizing gay marriage gives sexual victimizers of children an extra layer of legal defense. "That type of behavior is normal. I mean so what if the child was only 17 when I sodomized him one year doesn't make a difference, gay behavior is normal, our Government say's so!  That 8 year old boy was attracted to me I could tell!"  "That child in our private school whom we all sodomized was born a homosexual it is normal!" It also opens their defense up to the person being victimized wanted to.  Giving gay marriage a sense of normality is one extra layer of defense that is a very strong fortification to the defense of the sexual victimizer of children. But you don't see that is what this is going to evolve to be out of naivety and out of being a woman sitting on the bench and not a male!  Perhaps this negligent ruling (legalization) means that a woman should never be a judge in the United States; it is vindictive against men and the sons of men!  Here we are indeed witnessing that there is a great difference between men and women in terms of intelligence and that they should be precluded from adjudicating on some matters in our society that they have no frame of mental reference to understand!  One woman grants the right for gays to marry and the effect is that will be that all women will lose some of their rights because of that!

Okay let me give a perspective for a female human being:

 What about the little girl who is raped and forced to identify with the man who raped her because she cannot escape that situation; she becomes her own worst enemy and seeks to dominate women and she was dominated because their was no justice for her; and because there was no justice for her she is forced to identify with the rapist in normality!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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