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Monday, June 2, 2014

Odd forms of Comedians 06 02 2014

Self Deprecating humor versus mocking someone else in humor and pretending you are them and therefore self deprecating them and not yourself!

Self Depricating humor is funny whereby the later it makes one wonder why you (the mean person) chose the career that you did.  One is based on love of self the other (latter) is based on the hatred of human beings.  In effect it is a person getting on stage and expression learned helplessness in trying to be a human being.  Look that human behavoir which is not my behavior is funny!  It is really them wanting to deny that they are not even capable of the behavior they are making fun of.  In that sense it is an expression of the defeated self.  And that element of it or negativity tends to stay with the audience for a long time after the show.  The audience does not like it when you depricate them and not yourself; unless the entirety of them are also of that lower standard.  The standard of the voyeur or the watcher who was evicted from the garden of paradise.

In other words it is more funny when we know it represents an aspect of your own human nature and not as if you are portraying it from the point of view of an arrogant insult from a prince or king's perspective.

"The pauper minded wealthy that want to be viewed as princes."  Don't make good comedians!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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