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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Common Persona's of Demonic Possession and what they mean 06 12 2014

Common Persona's of Demonic Possession and what they mean 06 12 2014

As I heard the news that a Tea Party Candidate from Virginia a Tobacco State had won a key political position I read his biography.  And right there was both religion and the Constitutional provision of misinterpretation of personal liberty. Conservatives want to control costs and yet they want to sell tobacco that causes cancer while at the same time make a buck off your health!  Then they want to state they want to reduce the deficit.  None of those three things are consistent with each other.  So I started to wonder how this new man on the round table of American Government is going to present himself and his opinions.  As I did so the common persona's of demonic possession formed in my mind.  What they are, are personalities that are very distinct that provide a lying façade.  When you see these pop up you better look out because they are a driving force behind ulterior motives that the person exhibiting them doesn’t even know about.  In effect they represent the groundwork or first part of a path to bad government policy that is very hard to change!

Grandma ma is finally having fun:  We see this one with Lindsey Graham dancing around the house floor like he is on a scooter or Carl Rove getting drunk and dancing.  Alfred Hitchcock personified it best with the character Norman Bates and the butcher knife.  A person whose life as a boy was oppressed and he was raised by Grandmother.

Cold Sick Boys Response to not being able to cope with reality:  In this one the face becomes very apathetic.  This is like a boy who sharpens his fingernails and scratches you rather than play nicely and share his toys when you are invited to his house.  It hides motivations of genocide.  It also is accompanied with elements of pompous superiority often based on unearned wealth:  Bill Gates.  English.

The Dark Bulging Eyed Schadenfreude:  This is one who looks on the people as if things are going wrong, she or he knows they have caused it and there is nothing you can do about it.  Elizabeth Winthrop.

You can’t see me or abject denial: that there is any citizen smart enough to understand the crime that has been committed.  Actors who commit crimes?  This was Ronald Reagan during Iran Contra.  It was also the lawyers during the OJ Simpson trial.  The reason this personality is so very dangerous is because the reason it is wearing the “You can’t see me mask” is because it is doing something wrong with political power!  Non-transparent scheming.  This one is also very primate in its belief system.

Punk Fighter or the hound dog that ate something savory:  We saw this one come out in Barrack Obama as he tried to initially push health care.  That boxer ended up going home for a while because it couldn’t rationally convince our House and Senate or more to the point it might have been a coping mechanism to knowing it was already stone walled on free health care.

Tricycle Bully:  This is the typical American that drinks and then talks as if he is the smartest person alive.  It doesn’t matter how rationally you talk to them that boob will start talking through them in an insufferable manner.  This is a person that is stuck in a sense of childhood superiority!  They believe that everything they needed to learn in life they learned in childhood.  That belief really means that they were not able to learn at all when childhood began.  It is a spoiled personality that would not listen.  Often this occurs because there was an element of adult authority figure that it came not to trust and that was projected on all new concepts that were presented to them.

The Well Dictioned Pansy:  This is one that people dawn when you are attempting to do something good for them that takes them out of their comfort (chair/couch potato) zone!  It thrives on being stubborn in a well dictioned manner because it believes it makes it seem more convincing.  We get this one directly from the influence of immigrant English pansy wealth in the United States.  It is the equivalent of “I am having a tea party hear with your loved one and draining all the energy from them by causing a state of sloth in them as I view the world vicariously through their eyes.”  You might say to your loved one, “I bet none of the other woman at your club can say they are valedictorian of their high school class.”  Or if not just something like this, “You have a better working comprehension of literary concepts than most English Majors.”(street smarts?)

The Lazy Negro:  This is the one that possesses a person not to do any cleaning or self care.  It comes from watching the View and other black women on television.  And they (that mal influence to the American Public) will be quite honest to tell you that they hire a cleaning women to do all that for them!  Success should start from square one and follow a hierarchical development and not be leapfrogged.  The spirit of the lazy Negro is defeated after just starting to work and going real fast until the lazy negro gives up as it is left behind.

Cool Dude:  Cool dude comes in two styles.  It believes that it has an air of a professional athlete.  In women that part of it comes from marrying a man who was a star high school athlete.  But cool dude also has a liberal beatnik type intellect.  When you see cool dude come on it will be accompanied by odd forms of swears and vulgarity such as the use of the word Fricken.  I actually saw who cool dude was once in terms of the person he had influenced.  And to figure out how that happened I developed the following theory (see section labeled theory below).  You might say to a person, “If I had been a child growing up with  you I would have loved to be friends with you,” that might exorcise the spirit of cool dude.  (Cool Dude might be the one that possesses them to all manners of smoke.)

Barney Fife over Common Sense:  This is a mental defect whereby the will to inflict punishment overcomes common sense and humanity.  A hanging judge who seeks to hang a normal human being who was a victim?  Someone not accepting responsibility for their own evil and thereby seeking to have its victims put on medicine?  The justification of censorship being the fatality of the truth to the individual!  (The desire to inflict punishment as an evasion to or result of comparing oneself as mentally deficient is a common theme in many of these bad archetype of God delusions.)

The Momma is Right Homo? This was a last minute addition of a man who is possessed by a female spirit.  The voice is often high and crow like and nerve rattling (or imprinting).  Lizard tongue?  This one was unmercifully henpecked!

Mean nasally brat girl:  This one will come out and motivate a person to drink wine and eat too much.  It is a direct imprint from a mean girl from gradeschool. You will hear the voice get nasaly when this spirit appears.  The sentences become tight and you will not get a word in edgewise nor will the person who is possessed by it listen to you.  If you had to give it a character name you would call it Silvia Merganser. 

Ape:  In this psychotic criminal mode the persons face becomes completely devoid of human emotion as they are about to attack a human being.  A psychology professor once told me of how he had a man put him in a bear hug.  He was able to exorcise that spirit by saying, “Gee your strong.” J  The ape persona has ditched any sense of being a human being out of frustration and has gone into complete animal mode.  I have a song about it called Cherry Cheeks.  Some ape persona’s get bright red beet cheeks before they attack.  The woman that worked as a clerk at a hardware store might be like this. Beware of this one, this one goes for the groin!

Blunt Effect Whore:  This is one of a woman who thinks that her father doesn’t know she is promiscuous.  The lazy face that lies to you and doesn’t believe you can tell.  Often accompanied with a monotone voice.  Bill Clinton was possessed by this spirit.

These are just a starter template. You will likely see ones distinct from these emerge that lead to self destructive behavior.  To  analyze them it is best to determine who they were a reaction, in kind, to!


Hero Defeatism.  What has American media propagandized the American public with in crime dramas? Hero Defeatism! What they had to go through to fight crime was untenable!  We are constantly taught that it isn’t worth the effort! (Who gave television a teaching license?) Hero Defeatism is the equivalent of learned helplessness.  It is also a form of propaganda that it is impossible to achieve success through personal effort.  Who has propagandized it are actors who always pretended to be someone else for a living and the writers that support them.  A true hero is in my novel, “The Voyage of the Cauldron Skipper” Now the English teacher that reviewed it had a problem with it.  She wanted me to develop why the sisters were evil.  For some reason the concept of mental defectiveness from birth never seemed to register with her; for her they had always had to have had a reason.  Let me tell you that the reason is due to mental defect!  But those who have a mental defect never want that to be true!  But why has Hero Defeatism been propagandized?  Because the hero would want to prevent children from being born with mental retardation due to alcohol and the criminal minded never want that to ever happen!  The criminal minded also attempt another form of hero defeatism; it is impossible to be a human being therefore you should take drugs of escapism, that they sell you!  Both at the pharmacy and on the street.  The criminal minded need to learn that they are only speaking for themselves and have no right to influence the American Public!  When Hero Defeatism reaches the level of the individual not seeking happiness through personal achievement it means that the human race is threatened with extinction!


So after all of that you are asking what kind of a personality should I have?  This one is very easy to answer:

Poetic Justice:  This is the personality whereby you have not inflicted a great punishment but psychologically it is very defeating to your enemy.  Someone was fond of saying about someone who was a master of this with regard to what you got coming from him, “You won’t like it!”  Poetic justice works like this, someone tries to drain the life out of you by making you hear voices and indeed you see that they have turned pale white from the effort!  By the way God commanded, a long time ago, that those who would demonically possess you by making you hear voices must show themselves to you!  He told them, “Let them know!”  So they will show themselves to you the same day or within the next 24 hours!  And you won’t be able to read that anywhere but here.  But it is true.

Driving your life energy away from you by adults in the workplace by using insult so that when you experience the adjoining life force of their or your young you are subject to demonic possession to ace in ways that are counterproductive to your health and will because at one time you experience   1. It is a rush back of young energy in place of the maturity that was taken from you through attrition.  2.  And that rush back of energy It is accompanied by immaturity or an impish source.  That impish source has sense of defeatism all its life because it can never form its own personality and that is why it is highly motivated to ruin the life of a human being that can.  The coping mechanism that impish source has is the belief that it is God or has Godly powers; nothing could be further from the truth because it is mentally defective and a step down on the evolutionary scale.  It is the Baby that God wanted to kill by sword but his wife who claimed to be the God talking to him prevented him from doing; in the Bible.


A father once asked for help concerning his daughter.  Common psychological techniques; meaning things to say when you see that bad personality pop up are highly effective at exorcising it from the individual.  You have to put your frame of mind in that of a parent who would seek to counter insults to the self esteem of her child by mean children to be able to do this.  “That isn’t really true about you; here is the real you!” Type messages!  “Don’t you remember when you helped so and so?”
 “How nice you were to others in spite of how god awful they were and behaved?”  “You never sought to hurt anyone as you were hurt.” 
Think of the spirit you are exorcising as one of the beast that stitched its way into a human being through insult and abuse because it could not form its own because of a biological defect to the hippo campus from low degree fetal alcohol syndrome.  Just think of how angry a child would be at the accomplishments of its pier group and the world as a whole if it could not form it’s own human soul!  That is the spirit you will need to exorcise out of your loved one that suffers from (schizophrenia) and the way that you do that is by drawing out the core good of the person that is your loved one!


The point being is that what we are seeing in politics is these persona’s emerging.  And when they emerge they have an ulterior motive that the person wearing them is not even aware of.  Why? Because that is someone else’s consciousness that is responsible for that emergent façade!


The problem I have with David Brat (From Virginia and presumably his stance on liberty means you can’t prevent citizens from using known poisonous drugs and known carcinogens) is that we cannot allow tobacco to be commercially produced and sold because we don’t know what they are going to put into it!  They put pine tar in it.  Pine oil essentially the same thing was known to produce miscarriages in Women in the 1600’s.  That means the tobacco companies had to have known this fact before they added it, why because we are to assume that rabbits were put to the test first!  But that wasn’t valid was it.  Autism (mental retardation) has been linked to abnormal folds in the placenta.  In order for a miscarriage to be caused by an element like pine tar there has to be undulations in the placenta; hence the pine tar in cigarettes caused autism!  He also supports gambling as a member of the Tea Party and gambling is a form of organized crime.

Thomas Paul Murphy
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