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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The Medicine Man and the Skin Walker were one in the same 06 18 2014

The Medicine Man and the Skin Walker were one in the same 06 18 2014

Also the witch doctors fertility ceremony was direct insemination.

And why did the Native Americans need a Dream Catcher if there were not own members of their tribal society that were satanic minded?

And what did they do to a skin walker if they actually found one?  That is something I have to research!  But deductive reasoning tells me that if the Navajo needed to perform ceremonies to keep the spirits of other tribes from entering their homes with them after war then it means very well they knew that the members of other tribes were Skin Walkers!  But what about members of their own tribe???  That was probably propagandized to not be that way and be a certain other way by the tribal leader chief or the witch doctor?

I only mention this as it would seem that we are heading into more and more of a tribal society!  So you might not like the tribal justice that results in the future?

Do I believe that Native Americans are being used as Skin Walkers by organized crime in the United States through a gambling affiliation!  I have not a single doubt in my mind!  How do I know?

If you use your mental voice and the term, "Flint Aged Voice"  ..."Flint Aged Voice is that you talking to me again?" That voice in your head that sounds like a "Flint Aged Voice" quiets down extremely quickly!  And I have seen Native Americans Affiliated with a man who was in Computer science at the lab that spawned the young man from WFB High that was caught with 16 hard drives full of sexual victimization of children!  The reason they shut up when you say flint aged voice is that they don't want you to make the connection to it being Native Americans!  Which tells me that tribal justice and customs might prohibit something like that and have remedial action for those individuals involved!

That is fostering and participating in medical fraud against United States Citizens.  Is that little trick the reason the Federalists granted you more rights as well as Alcohol and Smoke?  Co-beneficiaries in Organized Crime!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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