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Saturday, June 14, 2014

Petitions I have created

My Current Petition Web Addresses 04 23 2014

Title and then link

Petition so that NO Government Aid is given to parents of families who have children with brain/mental birth defects

Rules for the Construction of New Professional Sports Facilities in the United States

Banking Uniform Write Off Code 04 16 2014

Any Dog that Bites a Human must be killed

Correct Constitutional Interpretation To Your Guarantied Right to LIBERTY

National Alcohol ID card

So that Doctors cannot charge more than the medicare price list

Capital Punishment for Dealers of addictive substances, Pimps in the slavery of prostitution Sexually molesters of kids

Petition so that all radio and television reception is free

Petition for the loss of Corporate Charter

Petition to annul the College Degrees of those who hazed

Copyright 2014 Thomas Paul Murphy 

Not all of these petitions are still open.

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