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Saturday, June 7, 2014

How many have cried out of jealousy as an adult?

How many have cried out of jealousy as an adult?

I don't believe that I have ever cried for that exact reason as an adult.

I don’t believe that is an emotion normal developed adults have.
It is more of a child who is new to the world type of emotion.  So what are we to believe when we see it exhibited by an adult?  What are we to believe when we see it about an adult of the opposite sex?  What does it tell us about them?  What if that adult is a tomboy who always wanted to be a male?
To me that is an emotional based mental disorder with the cause of helplessness as to achievement.  I believe that a great many who can be defined as emotionally immature through this criteria need to be diagnosed with a certain stigmatism that prevents them from managing people (human beings) in any way!
What kind of a mother would teach this to her children?  To be that jealous of the works of men that she would cry?
A normal adult respects all the planning and preparation that went into that achievement and does not cry out of jealousy.  They might cry out of envy instead?  No. We might cry out of the inhumanity of corruption and what amounts to medical fraud for money. 

What am I getting at?  The normal human being believes that if they tried and tried through a great deal of personal effort and practice that they would be able to accomplish that to! So who is it that cannot realize this?

And in our world today if we were able to screen who had this condition through vocational tests, those who acted that way would be the ones that the human resources people would covet and hire!!!!  Believe it or not!

Thomas Paul Murphy

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