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Thomas Paul Murphy

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The Low Minimum Wage feeds the higher interest rate and fees on credit card balances and therefore the Banking industr profit.

The low minimum wage feeds the higher interest rate and fees of credit card companies and our banking industry!  If the rigged the LIBOR in the mortgage crisis this is rigged too!  Without that low minimum wage the banking profits would not be as large as they are!  Hence it is a bifurcated economy.  The reason being that citizens would not have to borrow because they would have more disposable income hence less interest on credit card loans to the banking industry!  It really amounts to failure of the banking industry to make loans that benefit the American Economy!  Can it be said that that failure is intentional?  If those they do not like do not receive a loan on fair terms then the interest rate on credit cards remains high, the national debt remains high and the fingers are pointed at the person who is out of work.  And then when that fails they point to the mentally ill as the problem.  And here is the kicker the dissociation even leads them to blame material objects for the nations problems!

That is not how the banking industry is supposed to function in the United States!

We need to dislocate that current banking function to remove it from causing further harm to the freedom of the entire world!

Two charlatans roll into town and claim to make multimillions from the banking industry when in reality they could never teach a United States Citizen how to duplicate that; which means it is crime money!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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