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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Why isn't it a crime to just offer to GIVE or JUST GIVE someone drugs? 06 05 2014

Why isn't it a crime to just offer to GIVE or JUST GIVE someone drugs?  06 05 2014

This person committed the crime of offering to give these three people drugs in separate instances.

It ADDS up to the crime doesn't it!

They might deny that they offered on the first try.  But sooner or later they will sell and then distribute that drug and you will be able to find it then!

And there might not indeed be any punishment on their record for just offering or giving.  But at least a record is being created.

And as all laws if you get crooked people in the criminal justice system it means that all laws are meaningless.  Which is about the state of the nation today.  For all the laws we have it does absolutely no good to prevent further crimes.

Which brings up the point of argument of what should be an offense deserving of execution.  That standard needs to be broadened and then narrowly defined in terms of motive and intent.  For example two people commit the same crime, one might not be deserving of that punishment because they committed that crime as a means to stop violence.

We just can't keep printing money to feed those who have committed crimes.  Once it bankrupts a nation then a foreign nation steps in to ruin everything further.  When indeed it is the influence of that foreign nation that is causing the crime in the first place?  The drugs don't come from here!  Where the come from the people don't look like what traditional Americans look like nor do they have the same belief system of human rights that we do.  They are different!

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