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Friday, June 27, 2014

A woman can NEVER have the exact same mind as a man 06 27 2014

A woman can NEVER have the exact same mind as a man.   Why not? Because her brain is 10% smaller!
How many young women go to college and become promiscuous because they are seeking to be the of male equivalence?  They view having multiple sexual partners as being the equivalency of a male?
And what is alcohol?  It is Jezebels envy and resultant revenge against humanity! Why? Because of the mental retardation it causes it makes males more the equivalency of the 10% smaller brain sized female!  Jezebel has just become comfortable with herself in the process!
The other point with regard to male equivalency seeking females is, “How many women don’t care if their husbands drink?”  Why don’t they care?  Because it makes the male more controllable because it makes them less intelligent just as it does with the mental retardation it causes in Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and also likely Down’s Syndrome!  It causes cancer so therefore it creates genetic harm and therefore can cause Down’s Syndrome to!  So Jezebels other form of revenge is that of the Down’s syndrome lesser race of people!
I was in a German restaurant the other day and I overheard a man state that Down’s Syndrome people are smart.  I was abhorred by the comment!  Why?  Because just the opposite is true they have mental retardation and need constant babying, nurturing and caring because they cannot learn like the rest of us!  And the second point is that how long would a race of just Down’s Syndrome people survive?  They would quickly end up living in trees and dying?  They could not raise their own children to become adults that could take care of their children!  They are created by Jezebel in order for Jezebel to have a dominion or domination of the 10% larger sized male man world?
They are not the equivalent of men and yet they get a far greater proportion of national resources allocated to them!  It shouldn’t be that way!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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How far would a woman go to lessen her husbands (brother or son's too) punishment of comparable existence with men?   Should would go to any length if she considered herself a beneficiary to the lessening of his comparable miserable existence wouldn't she!

off topic, Quick name one famous woman philosopher from world history?  I couldn't think of one! I was thinking Ezra Pound and my mother thought of Margaret Meed but both of them were not philosophers in the strict sense per my memory and knowledge. 

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