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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Part 1 The Drinkers Motivation Part 2 Real Kings and Kingdoms 06 18 2014

Part 1 The Drinkers Motivation Part 2 Real Kings and Kingdoms 06 18 2014

I made it this far in life so tonight I will have a drink:

1.        To forget what I had to do to make it!
2.       To forget about how I did not compete fairly to make it!
3.       To forget about how complacent with those who are above me that were mean to mean while I too became one of them in order to make it.
4.       So that I have no qualms with disdaining those who were not as ruthless and savage as I was in order to make it!
5.       So that I can deny that I didn’t really earn it as I compare myself to those who are far more deserving of success than I am!
6.       So that I can deny myself the state of personal success because I know that I didn’t earn it.
7.       Because that alcohol and oxygen deprivation to my brain supports my evil type of female minded thinking.
8.       Because it prevents me from thinking about the future because I am unable to and therefore it is painful to do so.

9.       Because there are a great many who drink just like I do so it is okay and justified as the norm.
10.   Because I have something very mean that I want to do and it will help justify me doing it!

Now that last one number 10 is the reason there was so much violence during Prohibition and why the drinkers one!  In fact all of the above reasons are why the drinkers won!  They were already predisposed to not having any problem whatsoever with getting ruthless with regard to the rights of a human being in order to get their way!
I really believe that the only way to prevent fetal alcohol children from being born is by using the death penalty against those who promote alcohol including other drugs!
I read in the morning paper about how gangs were fighting over meaningless things!  That is what I call the evil female mind and it is readily created by alcohol.  I also believe that if you are born with the predisposition to it from being exposed to it in the womb you pose a greater risk to the community by being one who will push it on others and ruin their lives!  That is why I have such an antidrug agenda!  It has to do with what I discovered by writing in that first article this morning!  That other person who is drinking rapidly loses that happiness when you won’t have one too (other drugs too)!  They feel very nervous as if they are in the spotlight and don’t belong there!  That is why and how they are motivated to drag you down with them and ruin your life too!  “If he is a more successful thinker… that is happy with himself (content) we need to give him something that will prove to be the detriment of that!”  To me that is representational of a more than 10% less sized human brain as measured in terms of function being located inside a male gendered cranium!  It is a great horror isn’t it!
All of the above are reasons why the dolts drink.
And the first thing that I heard in the distance when someone turned up the volume on the television at 10:00 in the morning was the high vocal cord tension voice of a woman telling a man to try some green ale!  I just confirmed it to be “The Today Show!” on NBC.  As if it isn’t just enough to say look at me and listen to me on television and see how happy I am; the convincing chip has to be that drink!  Now that is propagandizing alcohol and therefore drug use isn’t it!  By television showing commercials and idols that use drugs they are propagandizing them!  There is no other way to say this than they should be prevented from ever appearing on television in the future!
And one more point regarding the end of Prohibition.  People will always state what a fiasco it was.  What they are really telling you is that they would be completely miserable if they were not allowed to drink!  Now wouldn’t that be the best way to weed the mal intended from the United States?  The miserable belong with the miserable and nowhere and never anywhere else; and not here in the United States!  So there is no better way to say it than, “You have to leave here because you are miserable!”  You are so miserable that you make other people hear voices in their heads and then deny you do it in medical fraud!  That is how miserable you are!


This next part gets into Kings and Kingdoms.
Drinking should have never been associated with the Irish!  If you read your Irish History you will see that the culture was far different from that!  They didn’t develop what some consider to be some of the greatest laws by being alcohol users!  It started when Great Britain created Northern Ireland.  And indeed when monks that desired not to love women started a monastery in Ireland!  So indeed Alcohol is the heart of the Catholic and Christian religions!  Because it is addictive it violates your right to Liberty it is Unconstitutional to sell it or give it to someone as they are not at Liberty to stop taking it because it is addictive!  Because legalizing it was a law that respects religion it is also unconstitutional!  Do you see how alcohol supports a Kingdom as being a Kingdom in opposition to a Democracy!  Every time you see something on television that rubs you the wrong way do you not further support a Kingdom and not Democracy by having a drink instead of taking peaceful action by expressing what it is that bothered you?  If you have even one drink in three years you are hooked and that Kingdom is supported by you!  You have been conditioned to create the Kingdom by the King by drinking!  A real King would not need you to drink in order that you believe in him by having your thoughts subdued!  A real King or Leader of a country would want you to believe in yourself and not the spirit of alcohol.  Hence a real King would not have to control you at all because you would be born a good person and be a good person!  A real King doesn’t want to control you he wants you to be able to control yourself.  He wants you to be a responsible adult and he wants to create the conditions precedent for you to be that!  He does not envy fairly attained success; he admires it and finds it to be a motivation!  A real King wants to provide you with food and shelter and education so that you are comfortable with your means and can honestly achieve!  A real King does not attempt to deprive normal and honest human beings of food and shelter and education because people like that are the ones that become a threat to him!  A real King does not need to charge you money for food and shelter because he has all the happiness from the content of his normal mind!  And he wants you to feel the same way about yourself.  A real King does not need a castle but he needs space to create!  A real King creates and does not pollute or seek to impact human health as an imposter to a King serving as a Corporate President would!  A real King is what should be considered just a normal and common man isn’t he!
Thomas Paul Murphy
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