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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Beans and Roman Noodle Recipe 06 05 2014

Beans and Roman Noodle Recipe 06 05 2014

1         16 ounce can of baked beans (I like to buy and use one that said bourbon on the label)
1   Package of roman noodles.
Real quick, simple and easy to make.
Open can of beans with a can opener and spoon into large frying pan with heat on med high. Stir a few times.  Turn heat down. Then grab the bag of noodles and without opening it crunch it up in our hand or by slamming it on a hard non marring kitchen counter surface like a cutting board.  But not so hard that you could break the foil spice packet inside, you will be discarding that.  Empty just the noodles into the baked beans that started to cook.  Mash them with a sturdy ladle some more then turn up the heat and stir until done.  The noodles don’t have to be that cooked to softness either.  They will be soft though and not tooth cracking hard from the bean juice.  If they seem to hard just add a little water and cook some more.
Now this meal will leave you feeling more healthy than ever!!!  The noodles soak up the bean juice and that is easier on my stomach.  Some of those tomato based recipes can increase stomach acid and bile the noodles help with that.  You will not just feel good after you eat it but at least until the next meal or later.  If you eat it at lunch you might sleep better and be more relaxed.  This is a very nutritious meal and you won’t need to eat for awhile afterwards because your calories will be charged up.
It is almost too much for one man to eat for lunch, but I did anyway because leftovers tend to go bad.

Could easily serve two adults for lunch or dinner as main dish.

The noodles cost about 13 cents a bag if you buy them in a brick.

It tastes better than either the beans or noodles alone.

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