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Monday, June 16, 2014

Invasion USA 06 16 2014

Invasion USA 06 16 2014
If we were invaded by a foreign army not one American would know what to do!
But what if it weren’t tanks rolling down our streets but rather an insidious infiltration?
What would be the characteristics of that insidious infiltration?
A.      A high prevalence of, drug dealers, child molesters, pimps, medical fraud and monopolistic form of employment.
B.      Direct contradictions to our Constitution propagandized on Television!
C.      Propagandizing a belief system where we are to believe those without real talent are the best in respective professions!
D.      Creating a Government institution whereby those who object would be subject to great attrition and stress and then deemed mentally ill.
E.       As a matter of strategy those of the greatest human intelligence (based on freedom) would be the first victims!

F.       Creating a judicial system whereby once the infiltrators are caught they are let go again to wreak more hazard.
G.     Elimination of honest role models for those seeking a higher education degree.
H.      Propaganda through and by minimalization of the potential risks of current legal drugs.
I.        Deferring all intelligent conversation to reference to a known television idol.
Now a lot of people want to ridicule Ronald Reagan but that was his comment, “What if we were invaded by an alien race?”  With Ronald’s pre faulty memory…with Ronald’s chosen profession to pretend to be someone else for a living, Ronald Reagan was the hallmark or embodiment of his own warning of an alien race.  What is further evidence of this as part of a Republican agenda?  Cathy McMoriss Rogers (Sp?) promotion of Down’s Syndrome children (they have a known genetic defect and mental retardation is a common trait of it.)  So that is what Conservative purse strings are really all about!
When you don’t love yourself you find something lesser to love than a human being, like a dog or a genetically inferior human?  Essentially a pet to spend your money (wait our money!) on!  No one that mean and ignorant actually earned their own money in the United States!
That would be part of the invasion force too, the rise to power of those who couldn’t earn money!  That is something we take for granted too much.  Perhaps the standard of compensation should be democratic comparison, “What did that person actually do that was so great?”  “What true and positive beliefs did they stand for?” and “Were they really a benefit to society or a detriment?”  “Did they leave the human race an untenable future liability?” 
And invasion force would set up a cell network of opportunity and employment monopolistic kingship's where those that they envied would be excluded.
No matter what you did you could never shake their confidence in themselves because it wasn’t formed through personal achievement but rather; being petted and adored for being a spoiled brat!
In other words you cannot shake a person’s confidence when they have no substance!
Anything you say to them bends around there head and head out into outer space!
Concepts of adult human responsibility and importance are intentionally irrelevant to them!
Minimizing the value of human intelligence in favor of brawn.  How?  By having a go to source of a human being to serve in place of or as a mask to their own lack of human intelligence. (Read He gave my child a hollow echo chamber in place of a human brain article.)  Why?  They don’t individually possess human intelligence and therefore can’t stand it!
Diagnosed as having a brain defect from inbreeding?  It can easily be tested for using the concepts mentioned here!  And we have an obligation and right to know by sight who does not have the legal capacity to make their own decisions or the decisions for the rest of us because of inbreeding.
And perhaps the best way this happens is for the person who is that way to bravely step up and state, “I am that person he is talking about and I agree with him!  Our primary concern should be what is in humanities best interest.”
Perspective to have: “If you hear voices you are their chosen master!”  To them rather than being a human being the best that they can accomplish is to attempt to think ahead of the next human thought!  Can you see why they would be motivated to put a person on a drug that limits their ability to use their own higher thinking ability?  They are personally defeated when it happens!  They cannot deny what they are when they are subjected to the thinking of their chosen master!  Normal human beings do not chose a master they are born to their loving fathers!

They’re here already aren’t they!

Thomas Paul Murphy
Originally published on 06 16 2014 at:
Copyright 2014 Thomas Paul Murphy

You put all that together and do you come to the conclusion that isn’t us and maybe it doesn’t look like us, perhaps non-whites and pale whites?  Anyone notice that the English tend to be very pale white in contrast to normal seasonal transition skin color?  Almost as if they were an attempt to breed a white person from that which wasn’t?

They would reinterpret freedom to mean the freedom to abuse human beings for money!

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