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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Don't EAT ANY HAMBURGER!!!! Make a Steak Strip Sandwich instead 06 05 2014 recipe

Don't EAT ANY HAMBURGER!!!!  Make a Steak Strip Sandwich instead   06 05 2014

Not only is it faster to make but it tastes infinitely better and is infinitely better for your health!!!

Buy a one pound steak for as cheap as possible.  For $5.49 a pound or less.  Cut that into three sections before you put it in your freezer.  Break off one by scoring the packaging at that line.  Quickly partially haw in a mixing bowl full of warm water.  Empty water, cut into strips one inch or so in end profile.  Marinate for one minute in olive oil and your choice of spices.  I chose turmeric, basil, tiny bit of clove powder, 1/2 t of kosher salt, a squirt of sesame seed oil, oregano powder and rue.

Sear strips in a frying pan until seared and then cook a little more on all sides.  Turning by using a $2 salad tongues.  Serve on buns toasted in your toaster oven that has a timer.  With sharp cheddar cheese slices!

It absolutely can't be beat!  You never eat another hamburger in your entire life!  Cost of the meat for three good sized hamburgers is $5.49.  That is three gourmet lunches a week!!!!!  Or $1.83 for the meat of the best 1/3 pound beef sandwich you will ever have!

I serve one hamburger portion of meat on two small buns.  Can't be beat!!!

I also  intend to post a photograph of my spice rack.

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