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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Tapeworm Medical Fraud 06 22 2014

Tapeworm Medical Fraud  06 22 2014

An ad hoc Doctor will attempt to tell you that parasites are not an issue anymore!  But the fact is that they come from uncooked beef, pork and fish so they will ALWAYS, I repeat, ALWAYS be an issue with regard to human health!
Now the medical literature states that if you get a tape worm you might be able to tell because you have lost a lot of weight!  But what they don’t say is that maybe after a while of having one you gain weight because you are eating in order to benefit the metabolism of the tapeworm too?  So are fat people likely candidates for having a tapeworm?
There is no accountability for pork in the United States!  Not only that, it is in the process of being dominated by a foreign country China!
Can any American say that they went to the Doctor and the Doctor considered that they might have a tapeworm?  My father told me that “Uncle Joe” had one removed!  How did Doctors in those day’s know to remove it and they don’t even have a clue today?  How did they diagnose it?  No aspect of medicine should ever be considered to be a lost art!!!!
They say that if you eliminate a tapeworm from your body 90% of the damage to your internal organs is reversible!!!!  How many diseases are caused by damage to the internal organs?  A great many!  What is that an admission of?  Tapeworms causing damage to the organs involved in a great many diseases!
Now what are the metabolites of a tapeworm and what are their effects on human health?  In other words what poison is the tapeworm creating in your body?  Could that poison also create a dependency on alcohol and other drugs?  Do they excrete ammonia as a waste product and that ammonia cause a mental stupor?  Yes!! Absolutely parasites do!  They also compete for your bodies oxygen and that deprives your brain same as alcohol does!  That kid isn’t drunk or stupid he has a parasitic infection!
Are parasites also eating away at the cartilage between your bones?  A tapeworm is sinewy so you cannot tell me that isn’t likely to be one of their favorite food sources!
I would encourage you to read the chapter on Myrrh in “Herbs of the Bible” by James A. Duke.  ISBN specific book identification number 1-883010-66-7         54349>
Pages 170-174
On 174 he mentions a fact, “In Nigeria a myrrh decoction is used to treat insanity and tapeworm.”
So here we have a instance where the two mental illness and the tapeworm are directly related via their common treatment!
If you have ever tried myrrh tea the flavor of it tastes a lot like the flavoring in the old Sweedish Fish candy me and a buddy of mine would take the bus down to the mall on prospect and get some when we had a hankering for them while in middle grade school. 
Myrrh is readily available in supplement form and has a great many other medicinal uses from the Bible era! 
If you go on a detox program remember that you will feel an awful lot worse at first as you kill that d@mn thing off!  But once you make it through that wall you won’t believe how physically healthy you will become!  Physically it is like being born again!  And when that happens you will learn firsthand where the origin of the voices you hear actually comes from!  But that is a separate issue from first and foremost returning to good physical health.  You might also notice that when you go on a detox program pain that occurred in your lower spine is now in your foot and your spine temporarily doesn’t hurt at all!  I also had a recurrent muscle tick that I didn’t fear and just learned to ignore!  And having a cup of myrrh tea isn’t something I would ever attribute a health problem to!
Now when I worked for Kemper Securities we brought a company public called Biosys!  They actually grew vats of parasites at a space that they had rented at Archer Daniels Midland facility! They were incubated in a series of 15 feet high stainless steel vats!  I stood not 3 feet away from them when we toured the plant! The parasite was a nematode and the President of that company was from India.  For some reason I make a historical comparison of an Indian woman having the symbol of at third eye on her forehead synonymous with defeating the rabbi process of marking a golem on the forehead?  Now that IPO came public in 1991 and it was marketed to wine country.  It could not survive at mammalian temperatures was what they always claimed.  But I have to wonder if parasites have been modified, mass produced, marketed and given to human beings that could think for themselves in order for the Satanic to not be dependent on that thinking anymore?  In India marriages are based on money and not love!  In fact that is true of wealthy Americans and the fetal alcohol syndrome too!  It didn’t used to be!  If your parents were born during Prohibition and they did not drink when you were conceived you might be one race higher on the evolutionary scale than the rest of the general population!
We need leadership in the United States that believes in the same things that I do!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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