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Friday, June 27, 2014

Two Origins of the Voices in your head 06 27 2014

Two Origins of the Voices in your head 06 27 2014

Close your eyes and imagine that you have a pacifier in your mouth and your lips are making a sucking movement.  Now also imagine that you have an imaginary friend and that you must constantly reaffirm your every life’s action by wondering what that imaginary friend is doing at that exact moment.  Nothing else matters to you accept what that imaginary friend is doing.  Your brother is the exact same way as you are and you both wonder what that imaginary friend is doing.
You and your brother converse, “I know what he is thinking next…”  or “I know what he needs…” or “I know where he is going to go next.”
Now maybe you are this way because your mother henpecked any expressions of individualism out of you when you were a child or maybe you have a brain defect due to fetal alcohol syndrome.  Worst yet maybe you were raised to be part of a watcher race that can do nothing else?
Michael Richards played the role of a schizophrenic just like that in a movie!  However that isn’t what a true schizophrenic is defined to be!  From my life experience that is the antithesis of what a schizophrenic is; in other words that which creates them!  In the movie, per my memory, he and his brother were poor and living in a New York Apartment.  It actually made me cry to watch that.  I don’t know the title of the movie.  However if you look on a biography of Michael Richards, (played Cosmo Kramer on Sienfeld) it might list it as one of the movies he played a role in.
So if you think you have it bad hearing voices ask yourself how awful it would be to be someone like that pacifier sucking person with the imaginary friend all your entire life!  That would be God Awful!  That is what is talking to you in your head!  For all we know 98% of the human race has been devolved to be that!
I also believe that some of the people who speak to us in our heads have a form of meningitis that prevents them from doing their own thinking.  A lot of people have meningitis; however they just live with it without any outward symptoms!  The problem occurs when they go away to school and their roommate dies because of their resident meningitis!  Meningitis is a brain inflammation.  In this case that voice that speaks to you…when it does so it is its only connection to human reality!  It knows that something is wrong with it and it is hanging on to you for dear life!  For without your human consciousness it would have none and die!  So if they have it in college then they also have it when the graduate and before then; they don’t view the voices as a danger either.  But because of that brain inflammation it doesn’t know it isn’t normal!  And I am speculating that the meningitis comes from living in a rural environment that isn’t as clean (farm animals and other animal waste) and also likely having a mother that had a great many sexual partners and therefore the increased propensity of transmission of that brain inflammation to her.  And what would alcohol do for those that are naturally this way?  As a topical anesthetic it is a numbing agent!  So when applied to their brain through drinking it numbs that pain of that brain inflammation that makes life futile for them.
Now take the imaginary pacifier out of your mouth and open your eyes!  What I am going to teach you next is a way to exorcise that demonic spirit from you.  Before you go to bed or wake up in the morning make a satire out of them with your imagination!  Pretend that you are the imbecile with the pacifier in your mouth wondering what someone who is demonized to your benefit is doing.  Make that suckling lip motion in your imagination and use that mental voice to ask questions an imbecile would of its imaginary friend, “I wonder what clothes he is going to wear this morning, I must wear the same ones.”  “I sure want to be with him when he working today, I just can’t miss it!  He needs me!  He needs me!”
And if people wonder why you laugh to yourself sometimes have them read something like this!  You cannot put yourself in that other persons shoes without laughing!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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PS it gets even more interesting if you imagine you are the opposite sex of what you are and that the person who is your imaginary friend is the opposite sex!  Such as “I wonder what type of woman we are both going to fantasize about today!”  Anyone see how the instance of this, these “pacifier people”, could lead to the decline and fall of modern civilization?  It is the act of basing personal knowledge on irrelevancies and then pontificating it and teaching it as if it were actually a product of your own personal thought processes and first person knowledge.  There should be a law, “You are not allowed to have the mind of a real life human being serve as your pacifier.”

How many women go to college and are empowered in the Professional world after college by the demonic sex and multiple sex partners they had in college!  College isn't supposed to be like that source of empowerment!It is supposed to be Professional Academic Achievement!

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