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Thursday, October 24, 2013

20,000 Dollars to bury someone 10 24 2013

20,000 Dollars to bury someone

That means that 20 people each get $1000.oo a piece?
That is enough money to be a motivation for murder!
And it can all be laundered through financial statements.
Joseph was a Carpenter; does that mean he was a coffin maker?
What is the point of this?  Most of those Life Insurance Policies sold 30 years ago are for the amounts of $20,000.oo to $25,000.oo.  If that Life Insurance Company is also affiliated with a funeral parlor of cemetery then they haven’t really paid out on the policy!!!  Do you get it?  The proceeds they pay from the insurance policy pay the artificially inflated cost of the burial!
Politicians create civil unrest with regard to our futures and old people keel over!
Can college be thought of a way the satanic determine who from our United States community can be screwed up or killed?
The value of funeral income greatly exceeds the cost of the Life Insurance Proceeds paid!
Add a hospital/doctor to the business and the concept gets worse!
Bottom line?  If we were to eliminate the Life Insurance business and ban it because of this aspect of it would a lot of money and lives be saved in the United States?  To be fair we could pay an illegal Mexican $20 to dig that hole.  And what are the raw material costs of a coffin?  Maybe $500, but not if you own the forest too!!!!  And how much to pay a loved one to get up in front of the other mourning relatives and say kind words rather than a child molesting FATHER!
What is the point?  If the proceeds from a standard value life insurance policy will always be used to pay inflated burial costs then the whole industry should have never been allowed to exist!

I wonder what Pope Francis would have to say about this?  It doesn't fight poverty when money the elderly and otherwise are supposed to live on for awhile is sunk back into the cost of burying the loved one that just passed away.  And for as fat as Priests are and the instance of them having time on their HANDS would seem to indicate they can be the ones to dig the holes and make the coffins?  Keep them busy and therefore out of trouble being the principle?

I think we might all have a rebate coming to us in a Qui Tam lawsuit?

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