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Friday, October 18, 2013

What Snowden revealed means the NSA is corrupt 10 13 2013 update # 2

What Snowden revealed means the NSA is corrupt 10 13 2013

If they are monitoring all internet traffic it means that they are condoning all forms of illegal internet use, including both childhood sexual abuse and also what is termed dubbing the audio signal to the cable box.

The United States was not meant to be populated by the satanic who transform it to whatever suits their personal will.

Because AT&T willfully complied it means that all Corporate Assets of AT&T corporation who is not a human being with regard to the rights not to be searched and seized can indeed be searched and seized and should be searched and seized.  This is indeed how we can whittle down our national debt of $16.9 trillion.

Even a child knows the difference between a human being and a business entity!  And how the human rights of the first are more important than money.  At least under our Constitution as it should be interpreted by human beings defined as having their own reason and conscience.

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The current head of the NSA's last name is Alexander.  It means repulser of men.   There are 40,000 people employed by the NSA.  The NSA building used as much electricity as the capital city of Annapolis Maryland.  When you add all the intelligence gathering operations of the United States Government and compare it to children's low reading levels today you come to the conclusion that money was wasted on the wrong type of intelligence?  Instead of gathering intelligence we should have been teaching?  Can we consider those former soviet block young men that bombed the Boston Marathon to be an attack on Irish America?  How come this terrorist act slipped through the cracks?  Doesn't anyone know the meaning of Communism and the threat it poses?  Communism is also the Government form that might be stated to be "The repulser of men?"

The other point that Snowden made is that once the Government catches someone doing something wrong they recreate the trail of evidence to not reveal the source!  So how does this apply to mass shooting gunmen who have heard voices in their head?  Very simple the Government knows how those gunmen and other criminals are created using the antagonistic technology.  So indeed some they can stop and some they cannot.  But it gets to the point that some of it might be directly caused by the Government agents- and that is why they are recreating the chain of evidence in backtracking!  It can be thought of as a silence of the lambs because a great many people without a soul of their might know these things are going to happen but yet cannot do anything to stop it.  It takes entrapment one step further when crimes are committed and people are killed.  That is no longer entrapment that is something far worse!  Government participating and facilitating crimes!  It is unconstitutional under the provision that a President cannot create civil unrest!  Constructive evidenced past tense of this is indeed participation in creating civil unrest!  In other words once a President is informed that technology is being used to antagonize people into committing crimes he is under an Obligation to bring it to the public's attention and prosecute!  And it is not a subjective determination of what creates civil unrest- it is under what a honest hardworking American would consider it to be principle.  It is very disturbing that our Government would recreate a chain of evidence in order to hide the source.  It implies guilt with regard to the action committed!

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