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Monday, October 21, 2013

The Law is Being Broken Already 10 21 2013 update #2

The Law is Being Broken Already 10 21 2013

The fact that you need health insurance means that you can be denied treatment at hospitals despite the plaque on the wall that states by law you can't be denied treatment at hospitals!  The conditions precedent is that the law is being broken already.  Anyone with a strong legal and business mind can see right through the false necessitation of health insurance issue.  You wouldn't need it if you actually could not be denied a Doctor visit!

Affordable Care?

Barrack you should have used the Bamboozlers terminology, "With a goal of lessening to zero the role of insurance in health care."

Barrack, how long do you think it will be before they lobby to raise the prices on your mandated insurance?  At which point you have committed every American to support a business and taxed them to do so?

Medicare was the exact same principle- it was supposed to cover people, but then the issue came up that it doesn't and the Government can't afford it.  But why are prices raised in the health care field in the first place?  Because it is a matter of raising the esteem of the status quo when the middle class catches up to them?

How do you keep it Affordable with all the same health care benefits in terms of treatment, over time?  You saw how it was put into law and the Republicans still tried to thwart it!  Likely the website glitches were an effort in this respect to, sabotage or just plain negligence or a new term actively creating negligence in employees!

No legitimate Doctor would want health care that was not affordable to the American Public.  These are people who willfully do not conform to our United States Constitution!

If it is found that the website errors were caused by hacking they should go to jail for life and be given the option of asking for the death penalty at any time.  Any acts of treason should bear that option!  Or crimes against humanity too regardless of how long the term in prison is!

To me it reads like a tax that benefits private industry and business and that is an extremely bad Precedent to start in the United States.  It amounts to a Queen losing a finger by her own negligence and requiring everyone in her Kingdom to also have that finger removed.  Any business that would seek to add costs to the health care system can only be said to facilitate a death industry- and that is genocide!

Once again, the fact that you need health insurance means that you can be denied treatment in hospitals despite the plaque on the wall that stats you can't be denied treatment at hospitals! The law is being broken.

So do you know how to defeat this rather quickly?  You deputize (create an undercover agent of...) a sick and poor black person and send them into the emergency ward.  When he is denied treatment or forced to wait when the rooms in back are free that means the Doctor that is scheduled to oversee the emergency ward at that time or one that should have been scheduled to LOSES THEIR LICENSE TO PRACTICE MEDICINE!

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A Doctor participating in the denial of treatment of United States Citizens is indeed the best contraindication to be a Doctor.  For a United States Doctor to be Complacent with receiving more money while denying the sick treatment is a Contraindication to that person being a Doctor!  Hence the stripping of the right to practice medicine anywhere in the world!

They can’t wait to treat you for what they call a psychiatric illness but when it comes to any other sickness that same person will over a 20 year period have the door to the doctor slammed in their face; as if they want the person to believe they don’t have the self competence to know when they are sick or in pain from a sickness.
Just take a few steps back and draw a character profile of someone of that nature.

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