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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Franklin Delano Roosevelt 10 30 2013

Franklin Delano Roosevelt 10 30 2013

Raymond Moley was an adviser to FDR.  He wrote the book “After Seven Years” in 1939.  Roosevelt won the first of three elections in 1932.  Raymond credited the Eugenicist Van Hise with the underlying philosophy of the New Deal’s National Industrial Recovery Act.  The Philosophy arose from something Van Hise wrote called “Concentration and Control”!  FDR is stated as saying, “It was the duty of government to devise, with business, the means of social and individual adjustment to the facts of the industrial age.”  Do you read into that what I do?
After I read that and this by Theodore Roosevelt I decided to read up on FDR to see what else I might find out.
Theodore said this, “But I will go further than you have done.  I have actively fought in favor of grafting on our social life, no less than our industrial life, many of the German ideals!”
So here are my thoughts and many questions with regard to FDR and WWII.
He established Social Security, the Securities and Exchange Commission and Social Security, and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation.  All well and good but the Securities and Exchange Commission is not as effective as it should be which means it likely has always been that way.  And what do we know about the FDIC? That the taxpayer foots the bill for banks failures if they are not of the magnitude to cast us into another Depression such as the threat of the 17 Trillion debt poses.
FDR gave financial support to Great Britain and also China while maintaining that the United States was neutral.   What this means is that he really took a side back then!  What does that mean?  It means that if he had really supported the side to the fullest extent of what it was going to draw the United States into there would have been less casualties worldwide.
We never hear that FDR himself was affected by the New York Stock Exchange crash.  So in effect other individual Americans boats sank whereas his did not?  FDR was from New York Wealth.  FDR’s wealth is said to have come from his maternal grandfather Warren Delano Jr. in the China Trade, including opium and tea.  I just read that as him attaining money from heroin trade! Delano was what is called a French Huguenot.    FDR was from mostly English descent!!!  So in the build up to WWII he was indeed supporting old family allies in France through aid through Britain?   What was the drug connection through France to Germany I ask?  And FDR supported China against Japan.  Again was there a drug trade family connection still in existence?  He is said to have been arrested in Germany four times while with a tutor in the Black Forest for minor offenses?  What were they?  Do you see how this sets the stage for him to have a gripe against Germany?  ( I will have to look up Huguenot )
FDR’s mother and father were sixth cousins.  That effectively makes him an inbreed.  And what we know about them is that they often have defective hippo campus’s.  That would also explain his brother Theodore!
What I get with regard to these is one of two things, objection to leadership versus hatred of (something illegible.) Cannot interpret these margin of my paper scribblings but I was on to a very important concept there.
His headmaster called him not brilliant and completely colorless!  Was it from alcohol abuse I wonder or was he always a hippo campus defective?
Roosevelt stated, “I took economics courses in college for four years, and everything I was taught was wrong.”  That is exactly the same type of person that I am!  And I heard a man on book TV proclaim recently that what is taught in college is not relevant to the careers related to those degrees!  And that was a Jewish man!
FDR was am member of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows and a Freemason.  I will have to look up the Odd Fellows. To much dismay I already know what the latter is all about!
He was appointed Assistant Secretary of the Navy by Wilson.  He had collected 10,000 Naval books and is said to have read all but one!  This appears to be around 1907-1913.  What bothers me about this and WWII is that I have been told that Navy radio operators went mad one after the other on the ships in WWII!  Roosevelt would have intimate knowledge of ships systems and even helped prepare them?  No man would make a system like that without making sure it was safe for humans!  That fits in with the Surrender of individualism theme of Wisconsin Eugenicists.
He was said to be a Prohibitionist in 1920 when he campaigned for Vice President but oddly enough he was the one to repeal it! In fact he won his first election on the promise of repealing it!
He was paralyzed from the waist down by Polio.  So that leads me to ask the question, I have a bulging disk in my back, many Americans do, how does polio create paralysis?  Has something to do with those same nerves and disks.  He got it in 1921 at Campobello Island, New Brunswick Canada. Does that have something to do with Britain?  And do you see that he got it after he came out as a Prohibitionist?
Governor James M. Cox of Ohio looks a lot like Adolf Hitler in the picture on the website.
He was advised by Francis Perkins and Harry Hopkins on new social programs.  Will have to look those two up.
When he spoke of his progressive movement he stated that, “ Progressive government by its very terms, must be a living and growing thing, that the battle for it is never ending and that if we let up for one single moment or one single year, not merely do we stand still but we fall back in the march of civilization.”  Okay why this bothers me is that the Progressives believed in sterilizing people that they labeled Schizophrenic.  And also that the voices schizophrenics often hear do not let up for even one moment.
What was the Tammany Hall?
When he campaigned for President in 1932 he stated, “This is more than a political campaign.  It is a call to arms.”  That is a very bold statement.  It sounds like he wanted to start a civil war?  In that same campaign he promised to end Prohibition!  Do you see the fear he might have been trying to create? That anyone who objected to alcohol would be shot?  Do you see how he was appealing to the wealthy drinking socialite class?  In effect he is supporting organized crime against the FBI!!!
He appealed to a Coalition of Democrats made up of organized labor, blacks, ethnic Americans such as Italian Americans, Polish-Americans and Jews.  However his statements might also be considered anti Semitic in terms of the fight against the money changers?  He mentions the money changers twice.  He himself was no less than one!
He is said to have blamed the economic crisis on bankers and financiers, the quest for profit and the self-interest basis of capitalism.  That is all true, but most of his reforms were indeed defeated while he was still in office with his routine of saying we wouldn’t get into the war… and then we did!
He saw the Great Depression caused by people no longer spending and investing.  That reads true to me but I have some issues with regard to it!
He created the Civilian Conservation Corps CCC and hired 250,000 unemployed young men to work in local projects!  We need something like that today!
Now this one bothers me!  He created the Agricultural Adjustment Administration and tried to force the prices of commodities higher by paying farmers to take land out of crops and cut herds.  Okay so if the prices of food are at rock bottom and you create Social Security don’t you really defeat Social Security by raising food prices?  Are not low food prices a benefit to the poor?  The only reason you raise prices of food is if you want to force young men into going off to War because they have little opportunity?  In other words it might have worked itself off better without the War?
He created the WPA that employed two million family heads.  I thought that was the greatest thing ever when I read it in grade school history and still think so today!
Senator Robert Wagner wrote the Wagner Act which was the step to establishing the right of workers to unionize, engage in collective bargaining and to take part in strikes.  The reason he did this was likely because he was inundated with letters!  What really needed to happen and what he tried to make happen was the ability to address all of worker’s rights with regard to the Constitution.  Those ideas were struck down!  Oddly enough it was Union strikes that caused a problem with the buildup to enter WWII!
Here is indeed Roosevelt's approach to Government and what it reveals is that he never had the vision to determine what the consequences of action are, “This country needs and, unless I mistake its temper, the country demands bold, persistent experimentation,” “It is common sense to take a method and try it; if it fails, admit it frankly and try another. But above all, try something.”  Okay that is how a basic nincompoop thinks!  It is not common sense at all, it is evidence of a complete lack of common sense!
How did he get the United States out of the Depression?  Through deficit spending!  It was indeed promoted by John Maynard Keynes of Britain.  Okay so we do indeed see who we have to blame for 17 Trillion in debt today? 
FDR advocated that Americans should think of basic economic rights as a Second Bill of Rights! (WE NEED THAT TODAY!!!)  What he is really coming to the conclusion of is that Unions needed to go!  Just what I stated above!
He tried to put a cap on Corporate executives salaries! He wanted 100 percent of their salary above 25,000 dollars to be taxed at 100 percent!  I would vote for that exact same idea without any single adjustment with regard to inflation today!!!!  He also wanted the same with respect to individuals.
He is said to be a life long free-trader and anti-imperialist.  But indeed he aided Great Britain!
In the mid 1930’s there was an isolationist movement to stop the American Military Industrial Complex from selling weapons to foreign countries.  American military corporations were called “The merchants of death!”  Okay that provision should have always stayed in place, We gave arms to IRAQ and ended up fighting them is a prime example.  Instead Roosevelt called for the U.S. to provide munitions in support of democracy.  All well and good but it was not consistent with his actions with regard to China or Russia.
Did he really support China because it was on the other side of Communist Russia?
He ended Prohibition in 1932.  And do you know who his campaign finance minister was, Joseph Kennedy!  I can tell you that without a doubt had Prohibition been in effect at that time John F. Kennedy was President that he would not have been assassinated!!!!
In his second term he created Fair Labor Standards Act of 1932, The Housing Act of 1937 and the minimum wage!  Okay some of that has been defeated so it would be worth researching what was defeated that we should have in place today!
In 1932 he promised that the United States would not join a “Stop Hitler Bloc” under any circumstances, and he even said that even in the event of German aggression against Czechoslovakia, the U.S. would remain neutral.  Okay later on you are going to read that he did not want any United States reporters to visit the Germany war grounds!  My father was in WWII and he went through them!  He saw those Nazi death camps and told me of the Horror!  Why is this Progressive in favor of Eugenics wanting to hide that????? He already knew!
What else did he know?  He said that France and Britain were America’s first line of defense.  He never in his life anticipated that the United States would ever have to enter the war?  Compare that with the above paragraph.  It looks like he is keeping his raccoon hands clean at a distance because the U.S. was a continent away.  He also sided with Great Britain because he was English! This was a first in the History of the United States and Great Britain has always posed a great threat to our Democracy and our Beliefs.  It looks like both Theodore and Franklin might have been of that same belief system?
Back note, ethanol keeps the price of corn high today by increasing demand for it?  That in turn flows through to many products in the form of inflation.  Not only that Ethanol gums up spark plugs with caramel and makes them miss even after low miles!  It also likely gives us all diabetes. Not only that, corn today is developing a resistance to all those genetically modified versions!  Some of them might indeed have an atrazine factor in them!!!  We may indeed see a shortage of corn supply?  But we can indeed meet that by banning ethanol! And also planting vegetables on those crop lands that should be then taken out of the equation.  Here is a clue, when people get hungry they start to act more on instinct than any limited conscience and or human reason they have!
“You boys are not going to be sent into any foreign war!”  He said that and then they were drafted.  What does this tell us?  Politicians that make those statements need to be booted right out of office when they become blatant lies!  That would be the blatant lie Amendment to the Constitution and it should apply to every single politician in the United States, an automatic step down and gone!
Had Roosevelt not aided Great Britain the United States would not have been bombed!!!  Germany and Japan actually figured something out with regard to that!!!
He sided with the Soviet Union in WWII and what happened after that?  They became our enemies for the next how many decades!!!  It appears that he did not know Stalin so well after all?  Whereas Stalin did indeed meet with Hitler!!!  Stalin was very reluctant to meet with Roosevelt and missed a few meetings!  From my prior research did I figure out that Stalin’s mother or one of the founders of communism was indeed Jewish?
Here is another sleight of hand at around this time the name of Communism changed from the Cominterm to something else in Russia!  Great Britain was said to be against the Cominterm- that is actually Russia!  So when Churchill started the gungho to fight communism and Hitler took his tanks west to Russia he did not expect U.S to help Great Britain to help France?
Japan itself went after Communist China and we ended up nuking Japan!!!  Okay they were indeed imperialists and had to be stopped but do you see the irony?
The United States hated communism then and to the present day!  We actually ended up breaking it through the attrition of example through a doctrine that advocated human rights in our Constitution but actually had already transitioned to be the most horrific abuser of human rights in the entire world with the false labeling of people who did not have a defective hippo campus as being schizophrenic and having what the progressives called the abandoning of their individualism!  Do you get it?  There was and is a great population here that is satanic from alcohols influence on the hippo campus!  More on this later.  I have already got 2667 words going here and still have more to type!  Eugenics psychiatry of the Progressive movement was exactly what was going on in Nazi Germany and it was the basis of FDR’s new deal according to an advisor that was with him 7 years!  Was Britain also being a neutral aggressor towards Germany?  No doubt!
Always ask the question if Hitler was really Russian.  Stalin did not meet with the U.S. that means there was some reason that he did not trust the U.S.  Russia indeed ended up getting half of Germany!  I have very strong doubts that Hitler was ever killed.
And what did FDR have against us Bohemians?
Here is me reading between the lines with regard to the demise of FDR’s health.  His personal physician Admiral Ross McIntire stated, “The President’s health is perfectly OK.  There are absolutely no organic difficulties at all.”  I would read that to mean he was poisoned with an organic compound!
Again he issued a decree not to let media or reporters see the combat areas ~including death camps.  Could it be those Jews were non alcohol drinking Germans and therefore had higher intelligence as compared to both inbred Hitler and inbred FDR?  You know what it is like?  It is like some people have no idea how a normal person can accomplish what they do!!!  And what it raises is all sorts of occult beliefs and fears etc.  It is like saying that Jesus Christ a Jew was a God.  I can tell you from a multitude of Bible research with regard to Bible searches and Alcohol that none of those Gods of the Bible believed in Alcohol!  All those Gospels are indeed said to be the word of Jesus Christ our God.  But the reality was that each was someone that got very pissed off at everyone else because they were stupid and could not listen or learn!  When you open the Bible to the front page that is how you should think of every different “Book” or chapter in there!  That the name of the chapter is the name of the God!  I hope that settles it!
Stalin accused the western allies of plotting a separate peace with Hitler behind Stalin’s back.  And read into Roosevelt’s reply, “I cannot avoid a feeling of bitter resentment towards your informers, whoever they are, for such vile misrepresentations of my actions or those of my trusted subordinates!”  The fact that he uses the word informers first validates the validity of this likelihood, the rest is just a arrogant PR whitewashing lie verse.  I read it as if it is being spoken and he knows it’s a lie but no one will ever figure it out.  Yeah I can hear you already, “Here is what I will say to him the next time so he knows I am smarter than him.”
Stalin’s point of view is validated by FDR not wanting American media to find the death camps.  Do you know what his next goal would have been?  No GI would be allowed to speak about them for fear of losing their pension!  And FDR started his whole Presidency off by cutting the pension of Veterans and then rapidly reinstating it! Why?  Because he needed it in order to blackmail them.  Which brings me to my next new world order concept, NO VETERAN OF WAR SHOULD EVER BE BLACKMAILED FOR LOSS OF PENSION FOR REVEALING ATROCITY!
So FDR is dead.  If he was killed was it because they hated him or he knew too much and for some reason that became a liability?
There was going to be anti lynching legislation put in place but FDR put it on hold because he needed Southern Democrats. It was not until in my adult life that I figured out why Southerners might get pissed at black people.  But anyhow either you are for human rights and due process like you should be or you aren’t.  Not only were blacks lynched but they were also experimented on by the CIA! In terms of how to make a person look mentally ill and shuffle their feet when they really weren’t.  Again in an extension effort of the New Deal Progressive movement.  To be fair if I am left alone and don’t hear voices in my head I am not pissed at any race whatsoever.  In other words I do not embrace FDR’s New Deal sacrifice of human rights in the name of the many with defective hippo campus from alcohol.
Blacks did well under FDR!  What else did blacks believe in Vondoon!  It is essentially the same as psychiatry and the New Deal agenda!  Are all the connections falling into place?
In 1939, that is during FDR Presidency, 936 Jewish refugees were denied asylum in the United States!  Okay how do I interpret this?  I often switch back and forth in this interpretation but it has more to do with personal circumstance that I believe should not be generalized.  But if you are to the benefit of the dependent minded then you want to get rid of those who have their own human conscience and human reason and that means human soul.  German and American drinkers versus those that can think for themselves?  Do you know where the phrase there is only one God comes from?  It means that a Satanic minded person cannot keep its head straight if it has to be subjected to hearing the thoughts, yes the thoughts of more than one person!  It might be that those Jews were killed for the same reason those labeled schizophrenic are medicated!  The satanic only want to listen to the thoughts of one GOD!  I really don’t know for sure, but I do know that there are archetypes of both on all sides.
BTW lynchings are about the same thing as forced sterilization, just to mention he is being consistent in his approach!
He also signed Executive order 8802 forbidding  discrimination on account of “race, creed, color or national origin in hiring workers in defense related industries.  I think it was a projection of self pity and only further supported a satanic America that ran up 17 trillion in debt.
Have you ever noticed the difference between just being around a bright and intelligent person and a son of a drinkers?  That has a prominent role in why someone might think a person is different and also why some might people might be more subject to epilepsy?  It has to do with the seed of one and the soul in it after it is ejaculated?  Someone very intelligent might have that discarded soul superimpose the blank mind of a dolt son or daughter with a defective hippo campus of an alcoholic? So really it becomes a motivation to sterilize those?  And that is indeed why Catholic priests were to be Celibate?  If they threatened to give Procula a terrible dream?  Get it?  Jesus was a very intelligent philosopher; Procula was likely a lead wine retard whore!  One might have a halo of activity in their hippo campus the other like a walking lizard who takes refuge in drink.  The electrical holographic form of one’s soul being like a traveling star looking for an ova?  It finds that dead head and thinks that is just what it is!  Pecks its way in there and shows it what a new life human being could be?  Hence the terrible dream of the dead head Procula or an Epileptic siezure?  So those are the types of people that should be either medicated or sterilized?  And hence the reason those labeled schizophrenic hear voices, the dead heads don’t want to lose that initial connection to greatness!  The greatness of a beautiful mind.

Mystery Video
Okay many of FDR’s administration played key roles in Truman, Kennedy and Johnson administrations.  Do you see why Kennedy was assassinated?  FDR was said to support Russia at first?  Remember FDR trusted Stalin!  Kennedy was killed by a defect from the U.S. to a Russia, who worked at a high tech aerospace company there and came freely back to the U.S. to kill Kennedy!  Then Kennedy wanted to keep us out of war with Viet Nam?  Kennedy also wanted community type care of the mentally ill.  As I have stated before those were said to be great places but what happened was after awhile there was not the money for them and that is always the problem with everything good the money runs out and then what happened was it was decided that those people should just be sterilized.  And I am indeed mixing time frames.
What was Kennedy getting at?  He mentioned that Ivy League colleges did not benefit the U.S.  FDR said essentially the same thing!  Kennedy knew about the medical fraud and was going to put an end to it!
What does that above suggest? With regard to concentration of power within the White House?  It suggests that great secrets were going to be needed to be kept!
There is also and issue with a University system and FDR and a concept FDR abused that is called the State.  The concept is also seen in the Eugenics movement in Wisconsin and is with us to this very day!

By the way do you see how the term New Deal popped out of FDRs brain mouth connection?  The Stock market and banking system had just been regulated so that there would be no more superficial or orchestrated fraud.  That can be thought of as playing cards with a crooked player and a crooked deck.  We have been living with a New Deal from a crooked deck of cards since the time of FDR!

I could also go into the significance of the pairing and connection in history the letters S.S. in its every instance.   There is something there too!

You will only read stuff like this right here and no where else on the planet earth!  

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I have to give credit to Wikipedia for this:

Polio is a virus spread primarily through the fecal oral route.  Franklin was said to have been involved in a few sex scandals? Who did he meet with a that place in Canada? Have you ever seen how brown our rivers are?  Just so you know what not to do before you end up paralyzed from the waist or neck down?

Mystery Video

That French Huguenot term means she was from French Protestant.  They believed in Calvinism.  I can remember reading some of that when I was a boy and believing it was beautiful!  Protestant being the Church of England.  And FDR supported France through Great Britain?  And apparently he did not like the Jews either.  And Hitler and Nazi Germany did have some connection to the Roman Catholic Church?  Oddly enough the complaint that Oliver Cromwell had about slavery and Irish might be worth a look into.  But it never justified what was done!  But it was interesting that it is at the start of that document about the fugitive slave act in Charles Sumner speech.  Very interesting.  But in order to understand history one can never generalize, one must believe that any construct only applies to a percent of a group, that is the only way you can make sense of it.

Update # 3

Pakistan borders on China.  It makes me wonder if the opium trade was not alive and well in the FDR family line at the time of WWII.  Hence the connection with China.  And what were the boundaries of China Pakistan at that time?  Then you have the Hong Kong British connection to China that was in existence until recent history.

But more important is that heroin found its way into viet nam.  I know someone who served it Viet Nam and he said, "We all did it!"  FDR' cabinet was in place until the Kennedy Administration.  Kennedy did not want to go to Viet Nam!  Viet Nam a conduit to FDR's family business ally China! A Conduit to get heroin from Pakistan to Viet Nam?  That and along with the fallible AR-15 in Viet Nam leads me to believe it was controlled genocide of the non-satanic American!  Pakistan is said to be a protectorate of the United States today!  This makes no sense to me!!!  As stated above the Kennedy's were involved in bootlegging and Joseph Kennedy defeated Prohibition by becoming the campaign financier of another drug money family the Roosevelt's?  Roosevelt making the Promise in turn to end Prohibition?  And also at the same time making a call to arms!  Hitler himself wanted to end cigarette smoking.  Then it was John Kennedy that became President.  And was he really assassinated because he did not want to go into Viet Nam and kill good American boys!  And when you look back at the FDR Stalin link do you not see that FDR might have known very well what would happen after the war?  Satanic  world leaders wanted to keep populations in fear?  But when Kennedy would not go to war with Viet Nam or Continue the war there, whatever it was, he was killed by a US soldier who defected to Communist Russia and then came back with the directive?  And what are we indeed seeing in Barrack Obama's hometown of Chicago we are seeing the influx of heroin in epidemic numbers.  And what else?  The first pharmacy Merck was in Germany.  And some doctors in the U.S. do indeed prescribe heroin to young people.  And after one hit their lives are ruined.  And under the FDA in the Obama administration a pill similar to heroin is now produced and on the market, it can be crushed and drank with water or even alcohol to get a high?  It has to be being produced using that same plant source as is in Pakistan and Columbia and Mexico?  What these drugs due to human beings if given to them at a young age is they stall hippo campus development when that part of the brain is supposed to undergo a growth phase.  In effect the satanic have used a leveling mechanism to keep the general public or the smarter of the general public below them!  This is drugs on a grand scale.  And it needs to stop!  We are much better off without any of it at all then even one person losing their life from it!

And what was the agenda of the Progressive who believed in Eugenics, to use any means including business so that a person loses their individualism, it really means you killed a human being!  So that gets one to ask the question how did those family ties transform into guised and legally sold health drugs?  And here comes the next part.  How do you get heroin approved on the market when it wasn't before?  You create a war whereby men and women are getting limbs and flesh torn off.  So that they need immediate pain relief.  And what is happening in Iraq and Afghanistan?  Plenty of roadside bombs to do just that!  And how else do you obviate the need for heroin, opiates, vicoden, hydroxycodone I believe is the new one or whatever they are?  Very simple you legalize alcohol again and everyone gets into bloody drunk driving accidents!  Just what FDR did. Then what do they need for the pain you created?  Something else your FDR family business was into Opium/heroin!

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