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Thursday, October 31, 2013

The nature of religion as fate in lieu of parent upbringing 10 31 2013

The nature of religion as fate in lieu of parent upbringing 10 31 2013
( Subtitle, Why the Corporation is a violation of the separation of church and state and unconstitutional! )

In other words that child would not listen to its own parent in any way shape or form so the parent said that there was a higher power that it should fear?  And indeed Jesus was a priest or Rabbi and that is in effect a leader of a Jewish tribe?  The Catholic faith calls him God and hence he is the higher power that children are to worry about when they do not obey their parents?  In other words I can't teach my child anything so I will tell him/her to have faith in God?  And are there some religions such as the Protestant faith which totally abandon the concept all together with Lutheran concepts such as, "It does not matter what you do as long as on the day you die you ask for forgiveness?"

What is true about religion is that everything you learn from good beliefs of it represents a fate you will likely not suffer from?  In other words looked at that person who died in a motorcycle accident?  What can we attribute it to?  "Failure to honor thy mother and father?"  Honoring your mother and father would also mean that you do not take extreme risks such as motorcycle riding that cause your own children to grow up fatherless.  It isn't honoring your mother and father when your actions fail leave your own children abandoned?  Honoring your mother and father would be more to spend time with your children so that they learned about you and became better than you from what they learned from you?

Contrast this concept of religion with a bunch of drunken hags cheering as a good man, a Jew, is lead through the street to be crucified?  They believe in something else if it can be said they believe in anything at all.

And what does fate really imply in the above example?  Failure to learn what a responsible adult with human conscience and human reason should know!

Have you ever heard a homily that good in a church?

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I have to take issue with song lyrics "Only the good die young," the good don't die young, per the above example, early death is the fate of the fool! I believe those lyrics are contra-advice for those who are cast into our world under a badly created fate!  The advice of those lyrics is, if you know you are helpless become a bad person and get away with as much of it as possible with a support group of bad people.  And that has been the hidden motive of the FDR eugenic/psychiatry movement in the United States since 1932 or before.  FDR was Protestant or of the Religion of England.  The good principles of the United States were written by those that fought the Pro-test-ant principle in two bloody Wars on our own Homeland.  Bear in mind that the Roman Empire founded both Germany and England and Jews were persecuted by all three!  Hence it is a rele........

Every spy in the United States was fostered by FDR's military defense workers rights act!  Why?  Because, he was from the wealth class that attained their money through opium trade and wanted to bring down our democracy.  German Protestants are said to have money during the Great Depression!  Psychiatry is also a faction of the German Protestant religion of Eugenics!  It has been a violation of Church and State and human rights of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.  Protestants might very well be the Jews who are not Jews the Bible warned us about in the book of Revelation?  But so would be the Catholic priests that sexually molested boys.  In effect priests that are not priests, if you view the Jewish religion as being the only valid religion at that point in history that did not have church state self declared or invalid Gods? The original Jewish belief being is support of David versus Goliath or what is referred to as the underdog?  It really means you believe in teaching your own children to be responsible adults with your own human conscience and reason?  But indeed there was a great break in the Jewish religion at the time of the crucifixion.  And the San Hedrin in the Gospel of Nicodemus admit as much!  But they were what would be the elite at that time.  And indeed in our society today it can be said that the elite of all religions do not really believe in God.  For to believe in God means that you try to lessen consequences of being fatefully at odds with morals and common sense taught by people like Jesus Christ!  Or at least you develop your own construct of what is good and bad and also does not harm the human rights of other people?

And ask yourself this question, "Is there anyone today that can tell you, 'Thou shall not' ?"

The Corporate Structure is indeed highly consistent with the Protestant religion and hence a violation of the separation of church and state for many reasons. It is a belief in being unaccountable to the human rights of other people through limited liability!  And it is a direct and hierarchical right of our Constitution that the rights of life liberty and the pursuit of happiness are not violated.  Limited liability is a Protestant belief that willfully and actively violates those rights!  The Protestant belief being it doesn't matter who you do (implied to other people) while you are alive!  Is is also a violation of the separation of church and state for anyone to legislate that belief system into our countries legal code!

It doesn't matter what party a President is from what matters is their inherent and hidden belief system or lack of one!

And if Great Britain had wanted to invade the United States they would first try and figure out what prevented them from winning the Revolutionary War and also their aid in the Civil War.  And that was indeed the Irish Interpretation of the Bible?  And all those books were indeed burned by Great Britain when they took over Northern Ireland!  And indeed Great Britain wielded influence over China and India through Hong Kong.  And it was China that had banned the Bible at the direction of Great Britain?  And again FDR slipped in both Eugenics and psychiatry just after the stock market crashed and was looted.  It is a zero sum game!  At the same time he promised with the implied threat of civil war (a call to arms) if he did not get his way to repeal Prohibition! And he did indeed.  And once everybody started drinking again they did not really think about all of the things that did not apply to them directly?  And of course he was a Protestant, a member of the Kings Religion and has family line did indeed make their wealth from the Opium trade!  Do you see how many of these things create a distraction from the others?  Part of his cabinet stayed in office through Johnson, Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy.  What is telling about any implied involvement of him in the stock market crash is that after he was elected but before he was swarn in he did not help Hoover with fixing the stock market crash.  A President is for the country and that means he helps at any time otherwise he lacks integrity.  We aren't supposed to elect selfish people to the office of President!

What is also interesting is that WWI started five years after Theodore Roosevelt left office.    And WWII started 7 years into Franklin Roosevelt's 12 year term.   What connections were being made in Germany after WWI and before WWII?

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