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Thursday, October 31, 2013

There’s money in the bank

There’s money in the bank

Seventeen trillion dollars?
You want us to pay that back? Can you prove you don’t have a satanic mind?  Only one percent of us can prove that we don’t because we have been documented to have heard voices.
The rest of us can be considered co-conspirators in human rights abuse and economic fraud and will not be owed anything neither in the U.S. or the world.  How can you be a citizen of the world owed money to and also a citizen of someone else’s soul?  Okay Barrack said those that say we should default on the national debt should talk to him about the consequences.  You want to talk to me and prove me wrong?  I already know that you can’t!
And indeed the supreme court cold change those rules with the stroke of a pen!
One valid part of the Eugenics program was requiring someone have a certificate that say’s they can marry.  I was thinking about that and it had already been thought of!  How can a person marry and own personal assets if they do not have their own mind?  What we find out is, that is figured out in the marriage by one partner and thirty percent of marriages end in divorce.  In marriages where one is a research analyst that rate skyrockets to over eighty percent! If you can’t prove that you have your own human soul, how can you own personal assets such as U.S. debt instruments?
Daily food stamps, bus tickets and a warm cot to sleep on out of the cold!  What more can you ask for when you’ve been God awful and do not have a human conscience or human reason!
Oh let’s see.  “Lucy shaved her monkey fur off revealing white skin underneath.  She walked on her hind legs to the counter and was denied a marriage certificate!”  Who knew that I had the capability to write fiction?  “She was accepted into a military type order somewhere and proceeded to launch nuclear missiles.  Oops.  I am being told somebody already thought of one like that call “War Games,” and it turns out I can’t write fiction at all!  That doesn’t bother me, I will keep at it!
FDR Eugenics got us into this, Eugenics will get us out!
“Thomas took his fifty dollar EE savings bond to the counter at the bank and found out that he was part of a group of one percent of the world’s population that was a human being and therefore he was entitled to his share of one hundred percent of the worlds assets!”
“Isabella found a penny on the street and took it to the bank and found out she was part of that one percent too!  A feeling of happiness came over her like she had never before experienced in her life!  She always said, ‘There is money in the bank.’”

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PS, In the next version of the DSM they will probably list, "He or she believes in his own Grandmother," as a criteria for diagnosis of mental illness!

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