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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Israel Egypt and Afghanistan 10 23 2013

Israel Egypt and Afghanistan 10 23 2013

What do they have to do with one another?

The Bible has a passage whereby Egypt and Israel were said to be one.

The recent violence in Egypt arose over a man whose cart was confiscated setting himself on fire in protest that the ability for him to live was taken from him.  That sounds like a human right the U.S. would get behind and support but we didn't we took the other side.  In effect the CIA tortured Muslims in Egypt.  Israel also tortured muslims and legitimized the concept to tarnish the worldwide reputation of the United States.  And we supported them to.  I have to ask about the population of Israel and their roots.  It was given to them by Great Britain.  Great Britain also is the one to have imprisoned Nazi war criminals.  I wonder if their is a connection.

But what of Afghanistan?  Why are they our protectorate?  Because they have poppy heroin fields.  The U.S. protects Afghanistan because there is no quicker way to erode the fabric of those oil bearing lands than to get human beings hooked on heroin screwed up and dead?  We see exactly that happening in Chicago today!

So you have Israel Egypt on one side of the oil fields and heroin Afghanistan on the other. 

So I am a U.S. citizen and it eventually means cheaper gas for me and I shouldn't care?

The fact that the son of a billionaire Saudi Family was at the heart of terrorism doens't like us tells us what the motivation might indeed be.   Osama Bin Laden did not like American women.  Neither did Republican Mitt Romney.  To be fair I have not found one to marry either!

We should of and could have had implementation of clean energy 35 years ago!

Closing in on the middle east only creates further tension down the road.  Not only that it is dirty energy that pollutes our world as it is consumed and makes it uninhabitable.

In Wisconsin there is a statewide advisory on eating fish caught here. Not only that about half of the deer in Wisconsin are subject to Chronic Wasting Disease.  When that hits the human population look out!

The point being that these instances are less likely to occur with clean energy and clean thinking minds.  A new United States could be empowered by clean energy and clean thinking minds.  But something would have to get out of the way of that in order for it to happen.

That is there oil and it belongs to them.  The impetus for the United States has always been to develop clean energy based on our capabilities of innovation.  And we did that but the implementation has been subverted.  By whom?  Those who profit from pumping oil from the ground of our Earth.  What we should be doing in implementing clean energy all over the world and just plain and simply taking control of oil away from business structures.

Off Topic.

When John Boehner lost what he called the war to keep the U.S. Government shut down.  What did he really mean by that other than what it means if taken at face value as an act of treason?  He was proud to have fought hard to have kept the U.S. Government Shut down?  John if you have a valid opinion please articulate it.  Instead you get up there and cry on the podium like an ugly girl does when her date either looks her in the eye or stares at her.

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