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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Crossed Out Freedom 10 27 2013

Quote of the day 10 27 2013
"Professional sports are not sports at all because they are a business."
Quote Expansion:
Not only that they are inherently a gambling business.  Why?  Because an owner gambles on how much he will pay a player in order to make the best business?  And over the season some of the outcome is indeed based on what does amount to chance and not skill!  Why?  Because referees are indeed human beings and as such they do not always make what should have been the appropriate call!  And it really doesn't matter how much you said it can be made "Solid," in order to address that issue. There has not been a single instance of all human being referees’ making the right calls!  Hence because bad calls are made the game is indeed subject to a great amount of chance!
Not only that what we are seeing today is that businesses such as professional sports go a long way in misrepresenting sports to be what they are not; for example using steroids.
So you want to now lump it totally in the category of entertainment?  Like "professional" wrestling?  Everyone knows professional wrestling isn't really professional wrestling!  So one asks the question where is the real and legitimate professional wrestling in our society?  Might be said to be at the Olympics?  And look at how today's Professional athletes become more popular when they act a certain way?  Even if they commit a crime they become more popular!  So indeed we have two elements that are illegal in our country coming together to make a lot of money in the face of the hard working American.  There are 25 candidates for every one job.  But what is a great distraction from that in our country today- it is what I have proved above should never be named Professional Sports.
Sports implies sportsmanship.  Every High School athlete used to know or should have known that they would be off the team for good when they did something bad.  But someone that has transitioned to be not the case!  And somehow at the pinnacle of what is termed Professional Sports it doesn't really matter if a player acts up or becomes violent?  In fact that adds more sales to the business! 
Gambling has been illegal! 

It is really far different than loaning to a business.  I will attempt to tell you why. Think of it this way.  Two businesses make a product to bring to market.  Market forces should determine which product does well in the market.  But what if it was not up to the market, what if it was just up to one person?  And that person got it wrong?  Then our society would be burdened by bad products? Okay that is not a good example because it indeed tends to make our banking system look bad.
Teams are not owned by communities although the communities feel that they do indeed own them.
As such these are United States bank financed gambling!  Because banks loan the owners money in order to buy the teams?
Professional sports- it is an oxymoron.  Two words that sound like they belong together but in reality they are contrary to one another!  In order to call yourself professional sports you have to conduct your teams like they are indeed just that.
And sure there are people that want to say if you kick that man off the team you have ended his career!  Well congratulations he becomes just like the Average American who has had their career ended.  Only the average American often doesn't have his career ended for a good reason, he has it ended because someone doesn't like him/her!  But what of what is termed to be professional athletes?  Nothing seems to be able to end their careers!  They keep popping back up.  It all has to do with the psychology of the dumb joke projecting a "break" to those like them who made it big?  In other words to feed their own delusion of self the male public likes to think that so and so should be given a second chance?  It is really an "woe always me" projection of self pity into false idolatry concept?  It plays well on the beer drinking American dolt.  Why?  Because they too like to believe that they should have been given a second chance.  A second chance at what?  The average American never had a good fair first chance at anything today!  But as long as they can believe they are that person making the touchdown it makes them feel happy and good about themselves.  So let me ask you this, "Does that dolt that drinks beer really make a more productive worker in our real world society if his team wins?"  No! Because if he did our economy would show the benefit of it!
I heard a statistic the other day.  That if we had a 14 billion (and I believe the number is in billions) bushel barrel crop of corn a year and got 5 dollars a bushel for it...that it would take 245 years to pay off our national debt.  I also heard that about 1.3 billion bushels are exposed as grain subsidies to foreign countries (and I am not sure if that is the exact terminology.)  But what am I getting at?  Where did all that 16.9 trillion national debt come from?  It can only be said that it was given away to business?  And Professional sports is indeed one of those.  We should have been a lot more careful with our money and what we labeled as talent?  But we weren't.  Why not?  Because the lack of talent, as defined by the instance of unprofessional activity, was indeed part of more profits to business- in effect we gave money away for lack of true talent.  So I hope you have been entertained?  16.9 Trillion in entertainment dollars?  Did you have fun?  Did you drink a lot of beer?  Did you make a lot of money for business management?  Do you know what really happens after a country has been irresponsible?  I have a feeling we may be due for a sobering experience someday?  Could that indeed be when it comes time to pay the interest on our debt again.

So we owe China 1.4 trillion or so of that `16.9 trillion dollars?  What collateral did China use to loan us the money?  Where did China get that 1.4 Trillion to invest in the United States from?  And how can a country that did not have a human rights record like the United States is said to have in our Constitution have its currency readily converted into U.S. dollars and vice versa?  But what indeed did China invest in?  What became a Professional sports economy?  China got every bit of its money worth already from the industrialization of its economy facilitated by learning from the United States.  I just don't believe that America should have accepted money from foreign countries that did not have an equivalent to our Constitution.  But do you want to know what the reality of American thought was at the time?  "Those poor Chinese have nothing to produce!  They have no skills!  They have nothing!  They are coming out of Communism!  Why not start to trade with them so that they can become a thriving country of happy workers.  It will raise their standard of living and less likely lead to war with the United States.  That isn’t really what has happened.  They reverse engineered all our products.  They renigged on paying bills owed to United States companies after goods were shipped.   They had little regard for intellectual property rights.  They put forth shell companies and participated in the sale of worthless stock to the American Public!  That is right; the American Public was defrauded of investment dollars by them!  And that is just the start of it.
But when you take a look back at all of this you think.  Hong Kong the heart of China was owned by Great Britain until not too long ago.  And at the head of every major United States Corporation today you are likely to find a person of recent English nationality.  It reads to me like the English trying to ruin America?  As in we don’t know how to cap that oil well in the Gulf of Mexico!  As in our major English bank has washed drug money coming from Mexico to America.  And all of the heroin in Chicago and America is said to have come from Mexico and Columbia!  One hit of that stuff rather quickly ruins an American life!  The Corporate structure has indeed been abused as a form of Business in the United States.  Indeed the very template of it violates the human right from the Universal Declaration of Human Rights by the United Nations.  In that it sets the stage for unequal pay for unequal performance.  The Corporation is really an “I don’t like that smart person working here concept.”  Whereby the American man goes to another Corporation and does not even get the chance of equal pay for equal performance.  It is not a fair work structure.  And people say that it benefits the American public because they are shareholders and can make money!  It isn’t true.  Corporations blow money left and right by luxuriously pampering themselves to gourmet luncheons. It is really a game of using money to influence wealth?  It is like a puppeteer jester form of work structure, whereby they convince themselves they are really valuable members of society when they aren’t.  The shareholders rarely receive all the benefits they should in terms of capital appreciation of their common stock because management pays themselves exorbitant salaries behind a wall of custards men that can’t be broken!  And they also issue themselves shares of common stock that they did not earn.  So you look at it and say the public owns stock in terms of mutual funds because they aren’t smart enough to invest themselves.  That isn’t really true.  The public could make a very wise investment based on what is told to them and still end up losing money because of two things, 1. Bad management.  2.  Market volatility. 3. Fraud. 4. Ineptitude in that those who get the high paying jobs got them based on networking and not true talent. 5.  And then there is the issue of mutual funds or what is called institutional investors loaning stock to market makers who have had to sell short to fill recent spikes in demand when the Corporation who has issued common stock has a good public announcement.  Here is where we see the big money participate in shorting the stock of a public company.  And do you want to know something, they never lose!  That stock price always seems to be brought down until that market maker can buy it back and give the stock loaned from it by the mutual fund or financial institution back to them.  What does this amount to.  An artificial leveling mechanism that does not adequately reflect the market forces.  One might ask, when good news is made why can’t the company just meet that increased shareholder demand through the sale of new shares?  Well you have that leveling force working against the ability to keep the price at that level.  And also you have a time lag whereby it has to be issued through a broker to, you guessed it institutional clients being the major buyers.  Hence a maintenance of market control.  In effect good results should indeed mean financing comes quickly to support growth or share demand.  But it doesn’t happen that way because that broker has to be paid a fee to sell those shares.  It is as if they are putting their reputation on the line.  When in reality it never affects a broker’s reputation in any way when a company goes bankrupt.  The easiest way that investor concern is mitigated is by saying buyer beware, and you signed a form that said you knew the risk, and we are just a middle man, …in other words the broker does not bear any responsibility because he can raccoon clean his hands very easily by blaming it on the investor.  When in reality if you talk to a broker he talks the exact same way as someone that pushes pharmaceuticals on you, “there is no risk or concern.”  It always ends up being a blatant lie with little way that you can prove it was a blatant lie.  What is often used at this time is the broker creating a false perception that you are not an intelligent human being and don’t really know how to express yourself and hence you are left with the feeling that you’re an incompetent low life.  It isn’t true because that same tactic is used on the most intelligent of the American public. (Just think of the professional wrestling illegitimation above and you can pretty much use that same broad brush paint brush on all of Corporate America.)  And of course the broker will indeed use all forms of changing the margin requirements for investors that purchased the stock that was loaned to the broker to sell to them by the Institutional client because there was not enough shares available to sell to meet the increased demand when a very beneficial and positive press release was made.  It is really the ability to call in a loan before it is due by just waving a wand and saying you are no longer allowed to be loaned money to buy that stock because the margin requirement has been changed.  And if you had the money to buy it outright in the first place you would have.  The same principle works with stock options sold on the open market.
But here is where I get back to Professional sports and China.  The same game is played with foreign currency and commodity futures!  And in food futures it has played against the small American farmer.  They are a thing of the past.  Also are the small communities that made up the United States. 
Have you ever driven through a small rural town and said to yourself that defunct building must have at one time been the town bank?  What happened to them I ask?  The banker who worked their retired and moved to the city, meaning he did not seek to reassure investment in the small town?  In other words he had no loyalty to his small town. The banker himself went bankrupt, meaning he got taken by market forces such as above.  The banker failed to teach a next level of management how to make investments in the town?  Meaning he did not really know how to make investments in the first place.  If he did and was loyal to the small town he would have ensured that the bank would still be in existence and the town was doing well.
But those small town folk still have the desire to drink beer and watch professional sports, they have been sold on that.  At this point I almost want to say there could be a reallocation of land and new homestead act for those who would want to organically farm?  This would help to not dirty our lakes and rivers anymore.  They were once clean flowing water, today they are brown!  What is likely to happen if we do not do that patchwork farming approach again is that there is going to be mass starvation as opportunist root borers or beetles wipe out entire years crops and the poisoned water no longer grows new ones either.  With patchwork farming those that do well can bring their products to a market so that everyone gets fed.  And what of energy used in transportation?  We should have gone solar completely not long after Kennedy was shot by a Communist.  The same communists that we openly trade with today.  Do you see how that forms one side?  I could go into more detail in terms of the psychology of foreigners versus those of legitimate Americans but it is really pointless because any child born to parents who were under the influence of alcohol pre conception, during conception, during in the wound development and throughout childhood is really a foreigner among us or a Communist.  Have you also noticed that laws designed to protect us and our constitutions are struck down by anomalous and irrelevant challenges to them?
That’s it.  I start typing and I can’t stop.  And I really don’t care if I change topics as I am typing.  Do you know what I call that Synthesis?  Synthesis is the ability to form ideas from one’s own memories.  It is an extreme rarity today when it really should be standard with regard to a human being defined as having a conscience and reason!
Who did your father know for you to get that job? Or rather what is about you that they like that keeps you coming back to the public eye no matter how many mistakes you have made that should have been unforgivable!  That is what I think when I watch anyone who is talking on television.  That and one more thing, “What do you have in common with someone of the communist mindset?”  This networking concept is not an economy based on talent.  So what other forms of Government are there?  Monarchy, communism, dictatorship, just plain wandering third world country immigrant poor and uneducated- a real blend of inequality boldly insulting the American heart without reproach?  Both were the antitheses of the United States Constitution. The real Americans seem to have been defeated to me. To me they have being dependent minded in common and likely have a defective hippo campus brain function.  Someone with a defective hippo campus is not a hunter they are a gatherer.  And a gatherer is a woman’s mind?  To be fair to women I am not talking about all of you either!  I am talking about a mind that sits and stares at a vacant wall and gathers in what comes to it from the souls of those labeled schizophrenic!
And what does that gathering mind desire?  It wants more than anything to be a professional athlete!
Do you know what real men think of sports?  They think, “There is no point competing with those that do not play fairly!”

What do you see when you drive through Northwestern Illinois, the land of Lincoln?  You see signs at the start of towns that list high school sports records! They know very well a high school wrestling record bears not comparison to professional wrestling and so and so down the list of sports!  You also see lots of flat crop lands.  You see the results of hard working farmers.  And then I think of what Chicago was like then I look at all the farms again and come to the conclusion, Chicago does not represent Illinois!  And then I look at the trees and they look like they are covered with silt when they should be changing colors.  I attribute it to groundwater poisoned with herbicide.  And as I get closer to the Mississippi River I see that the leaves on the trees are greener.  Why?  Because the water table there comes from osmosis from the running water of the Mississippi River rather than the more static groundwater.  In effect the water to their roots is different because of this effect?  More clean water reaches them in much the same way as distilled water is pure because only the pureness remains as it travels upward as steam?  Something like that.  Indeed Osmosis is one way that water is treated to be purified.  I learned that back in the late 80's when I attended a Water Stock Conference in Milwaukee as President of the Investment Club of the Financiers of UW Milwaukee.  Late 80's early 90's, something like that.

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With regard to the agriculture risk above.  What might have to happen is that a total years crop of tobacco be blended into the soil as to kill herbs and insects that won't go away.  Grain and grape croplands diverted from alcohol production and to the food supply.  Breweries and distilleries turned into purified water distilleries.  Tobacco farms then converted into vegetables.  And of course every barn and house in the United States be outfitted with solar panels. In addition solar electricity powered well pumps should indeed be on every farm whereby the groundwater is pumped up and treated with ultraviolet light from electricity from the same solar cells and then used to water the fields if necessary or pumped out clean into the water table.  None of these things are beyond the capabilities of honest red blooded Americans.  Also if there are any dead trees that wood should indeed always be made into lumber.  And where there are not big enough pieces to form lumber that tree or brush product should be turned into paper, etc.

Believe it or not there are many Americans that would not like living in the United States if it was truly the land of the free.  You see I would have no problem living in a community of law abiding human beings but that is not true of many Americans here today!  They want it to be something different than what it is supposed to be!  And what that really means is that they do not like respecting the rights of human beings!  They are not happy in the land of the free and have done everything that they can to cross out our freedom!

That has an interesting sound to it and connotation doesn't it, "Crossed out freedom!"  I will re-title this article "Crossed out freedom!" just because of that!  That is the gestalt of both Great Britain's and the Confederate Flag!

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