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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The FDR New Drug Deal 10 30 2013

The FDR New Drug Deal 10 30 2013

Pakistan borders on China.  It makes me wonder if the opium trade was not alive and well in the FDR family line at the time of WWII.  Hence the connection with China.  And what were the boundaries of China Pakistan at that time?  Then you have the Hong Kong British connection to China that was in existence until recent history.

But more important is that heroin found its way into viet nam.  I know someone who served it Viet Nam and he said, "We all did it!"  FDR' cabinet was in place until the Kennedy Administration.  Kennedy did not want to go to Viet Nam!  Viet Nam a conduit to FDR's family business ally China! A Conduit to get heroin from Pakistan to Viet Nam?  That and along with the fallible AR-15 in Viet Nam leads me to believe it was controlled genocide of the non-satanic American!  Pakistan is said to be a protectorate of the United States today!  This makes no sense to me!!!  As stated above the Kennedy's were involved in bootlegging and Joseph Kennedy defeated Prohibition by becoming the campaign financier of another drug money family the Roosevelt's?  Roosevelt making the Promise in turn to end Prohibition?  And also at the same time making a call to arms!  Hitler himself wanted to end cigarette smoking.  Then it was John Kennedy that became President.  And was he really assassinated because he did not want to go into Viet Nam and kill good American boys!  And when you look back at the FDR Stalin link do you not see that FDR might have known very well what would happen after the war?  Satanic  world leaders wanted to keep populations in fear?  But when Kennedy would not go to war with Viet Nam or Continue the war there, whatever it was, he was killed by a US soldier who defected to Communist Russia and then came back with the directive?  And what are we indeed seeing in Barrack Obama's hometown of Chicago we are seeing the influx of heroin in epidemic numbers.  And what else?  The first pharmacy Merck was in Germany.  And some doctors in the U.S. do indeed prescribe heroin to young people.  And after one hit their lives are ruined.  And under the FDA in the Obama administration a pill similar to heroin is now produced and on the market, it can be crushed and drank with water or even alcohol to get a high?  It has to be being produced using that same plant source as is in Pakistan and Columbia and Mexico?  What these drugs due to human beings if given to them at a young age is they stall hippo campus development when that part of the brain is supposed to undergo a growth phase.  In effect the satanic have used a leveling mechanism to keep the general public or the smarter of the general public below them!  This is drugs on a grand scale.  And it needs to stop!  We are much better off without any of it at all then even one person losing their life from it!

And what was the agenda of the Progressive who believed in Eugenics, to use any means including business so that a person loses their individualism, it really means you killed a human being!  So that gets one to ask the question how did those family ties transform into guised and legally sold health drugs?  And here comes the next part.  How do you get heroin approved on the market when it wasn't before?  You create a war whereby men and women are getting limbs and flesh torn off.  So that they need immediate pain relief.  And what is happening in Iraq and Afghanistan?  Plenty of roadside bombs to do just that!  And how else do you obviate the need for heroin, opiates, Vicodin, hydroxycodone I believe is the new one or whatever they are?  Very simple you legalize alcohol again and everyone gets into bloody drunk driving accidents!  Just what FDR did. Then what do they need for the pain you created?  Something else your FDR family business was into Opium/heroin!

And whose brother farms in Mexico, he was a Republican in the spotlight not too long ago?

And what of FDR's reforms?  They were logical ideas that should and would have been implemented.  They had been a long time coming at that time.

So maybe it wasn't really like this at all, in terms of motivations for actions and behavior.  But if it wasn't do you see how by the Devil it really is?  Do you see the devil in it?  They elements connect that way when you study it, an evil force in it?  Historical distractions hiding hidden layers of crime?  And what is the proof? ~ wealth that stays in families.  FDR likely knew that excess profits tax would never be approved and that is why he touted it?  I do believe that many of his ideas should have been implemented and that it would be a good idea to do so today when we are about to face the idea of shutting down the Government again due to debt?  Think of it this way.   Do you see how hard it is to get out of debt when you run credit card debt up so fast that your income never pays down principal and the debt just keeps growing?  That is indeed what the Government of this nation as a whole is experiencing today!  And I don't believe they have really thought of any solutions that will address it!

We are in the situation because of British Drug money and British economic theory!  When someone gives you bad advice you don't trust them anymore.  When someone of drug money lineage from a foreign country that has a history of posing great threats to your nations freedom indoctrinates bad economic and eugenics policy in your country maybe you make a call to the leader of that foreign country and give them notice of what their immigrant lineage has done?  It is kind of like writing a business letter and asking, "What is your customer satisfaction policy regarding this."

There was something else that was interesting in the FDR made a visit to the new King of Saudi Arabia right after WWII.  And the members of the Saudi Royal family are all said to have been educated in England.  Kennedy stated that the Ivy league schools bear no benefit to our democracy, before he was shot. Then that went haywire again when Carter got in office and the legacy of the New Drug Deal cabinet was out of the Presidential administrations?  Then came Reagan and we were back in trouble over their again.  And it was indeed at the time of Carter that we should have been building up solar electric based power left and right!  The efficiency was there even then!  And indeed Reagan made the same veiled spiel with regard to Eugenics, "What if an alien race attacked America!" That mentally retarded child with the fetal alcohol syndrome probably considers a normal healthy human being to be so smart that he is a member of an alien race!  And we already know that Reagan with his Alzheimer probably viewed a great many Americans in just that same way, the Hippo campus area of the brain is heavily damaged in people with Alzheimer's!  Reagan likely had the condition his whole life and it just cascaded in old age because of a damaged structure was in place!  You don't really want to give your developmentally disabled child a drink of daddy's wine do you?

Actually there is a quote in the Bible that leads me to believe that Wine was used to concur the country of Israel by the country of Judah!  They were separate.  And hence we have come full circle once again.  Lead wine roman retards concurring Europe to the extent of Great Britain and also defeated Prohibition in the United States through the Mafia of the Catholic Church.  I mean really all those Roman mafia members devout Catholics all of these years?  It did not do them any good did it!  And like I said I don't believe the Irish had a brewery until England took over Northern Ireland.  And indeed the Irish are said to have come from Spain.  And some in Spain are believed to have come from Israel.  They have had us good clean living Irish Jews on the run for quite some time?

And of course after the Churches in Ireland are now empty because of molestations by Roman Catholic Priests stationed there under Polish and German Popes, the oil family members of Saudi Arabia who were educated in England are moving there!  Wait one of those members was not educated in England he came over to the United States and then proceeded to bomb us.  He was a billionaire to, his name Osama Bin Laden.  And indeed Barrack Obama's father was an oilman too!  Note the fraudulent failure of his solar investment to the tune of billions? It reads like the Koss Corporation losing 35 million dollars that was not caught.  Now what would FDR say about that?  Okay now I remember it was one of those ideas that didn't go through, something like a tax on excess capital of Corporations. 

There is a principle in drug use treatment in that one drug is said to be a gateway to the use of others.  FDR of family drug history defeated Prohibition and opened the door for alcohol once again being the gateway drug for the family business drug?

I just have to write this stuff.  I call it stream of consciousness and synthesis in one step.  And it appears that those who do not have the ability to synthesis thoughts in a way that is constructive to humanity find out ways to synthesize new drugs so that they can feel happy, like they indeed have the capacity for synthesis of thought?

Farakan wouldn't be wanting to take all the blacks to Africa unless he knew they had an abundant natural resource of oil to tap?  Yeah you go ahead and do that, but don't interfere with Solar development in the U.S. and also don't contaminate anymore of our natural resources such as oceans through oil or radioactive spills!  And you know what else you can take with you?  Our entire legal and health care industry professionals! You can also take the staff of all religions in the United States with you too as well as the bad teachers.  You must also take the current management of every Corporation in the United States! You must also take our entire military industrial complex staff with you to, including intelligence agencies!  I bet the whole concept doesn't sound that appealing after my qualification?  Oops forgot some, the whole entertainment and media industry as well as all gambling staff and professional athletes and management!  I know for a fact that solar energy could lessen our dependence on foreign oil to zero.

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