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Friday, October 18, 2013

Hypothetical Legalality Question 10 18 2013

Hypothetical Legalality Question 10 18 2013

If a man sees that some insulation is down off from the rafters of a crawl space under his den and goes in to investigate and make repairs, does he not have a moral obligation to take a handgun in their with him filled with 9mm luger shotshell pest control?  Product number 3790 by CCI.

We have talked to a national pest control agency a long time ago and they had absolutely no interest in taking care of that kind of problem.  I could call a Police Officer and ask if he wants to crawl up in there but he does not have the 9mm luger shotsell and would not likely want to climb up in that nasty place.

Whatever is in there could indeed bite me and kill me with rabies.  It could also flee into the house and bite someone else here and kill them too of rabies.  And it could escape frantically into the yard and bite a child and kill them of rabies.  As no one will treat rabies unless they can find the live animal and test it first.

So if hypothetically indeed you hear those shots going off we will do like people in the core do.  Shut our shades and when someone comes to the door never answer it!  For all you knew the sound could be that of a dump truck tailgate being lowered into place and the resulting bang or bangs.

Lets say that I hired someone to do it and they were bit and died of rabies?  Is this crazy legal world today someone could indeed say it is my fault? And what if there was a great infestation, the best way to handle it would be for every homeowner to quickly do what I potentially might have to do?

And any consequences of such action, because of the type of shell used, would be about the same as blank pistol being fired off or a child lighting a firecracker.  And if at such a time you come to my door you might end up with whatever that is running out and biting you?  If you wait to come later those who live here will be going out to lunch again and won't be here.  The gun will be cleaned and that is that!

That's the way I see it.

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