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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The Diamonds of a Net: Sex Tourism and Satanic Tribalism Power Structures 10 29 2013

Sex Tourism and Satanic Tribalism Power Structures 10 29 2013

Awhile back I read a story about how children are molested when they are vacationing to places like Florida.  It just seems like the most rotten thing doesn’t it?  A child first time getting to go to Cartoon World and an evil being is there to prey on her or him and mark them for the rest of their lives!
So if that occurs what else likely occurs?  There are places that are called sex tourism destinations where just that above occurs to kidnapped children or children forced into sex slavery.  Likely American children lost in the foster care adoption network.
But what if a father from one family on a block goes and sleeps with a woman from another family on a city block at a sex tourism destination.  Nine months later she revisits the sex tourism destination and hands that baby off to a woman that also lives on that block or puts it up for sale in a network of potential U.S. child adopters/buyers?
It creates a network that defies equal pay for equal performance doesn’t it?  It allows a Tulane to thumb his nose at the rest of America and their sense of personal achievement leading to success!
And above all it allows for propagandizing beliefs and laws that do not conform to the United States Constitution through the network.  Do you get it?  No one makes a connection to separate people that are being proponents of the same odd belief.  And the prime belief it creates is this one:
“Their concept of freedom is to give or sell drugs to your child!”
So how do we defeat this?  We need a DNA database and one that is not to be run by some official people such as those that run the Professional Baseball (other sports) steroid testing!!!!
Why is Johnny not doing well in school?
Because his class is populated by inbreed half brothers and sisters?

Often when you see the notion of a crime there is a layer of crime that it is hiding very well beneath it!  Something that a trusting and honest American would likely never think about.

In theory you could have a mentally retarded equivalent person with strong verbal ability as President, Governor or Mayor and not even know it! What empirical evidence do we have for this already?  Inaction of forward ideas that are a sign of the motive to maintain what is called the status quo!  What does that mean?  You look at the results of what someone did while they were in office and it is all negative with regard to our constitutional rights or amounts to superficial good ideas that fall through the diamonds of a net!  And that indeed is a very good metaphor isn't it?  Fell through the diamonds of a net!  The Diamonds of  a Net!

That satanic power structure also creates a perfect information system.  Such as children are told that being sexually molested is normal.  Then the devil reads the tea leaves from their ejaculate and creates a betting line in Las Vegas with near perfect information from the reception of the stolen future of that child's soul.  For example this is how it works.  They want to make sure that child watches the game or knows the score at some point in the future.  And then that odd thing with a witches face reads the ejaculate or period like a witch doctor reads the future an animals entrails! The animals entrails might just be a guise for what the witch doctor has already read!  They distract the natives from knowing what he is really doing?

And of course when they have opened a doorway into a adults mind by bombarding them with voices they have indeed partially displaced them, meaning their human soul, from all future activities in their life and the same thing as above is accomplished! Imagine if you will a coven of overweight woman with a snotty voices leaving a page marker in your sons mind so that she can always have a connection to your stolen future!

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