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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Concepts that prophaghandize the creation of bastards are indeed a violation of church and state 10 20 2013

Concepts that prophaghandize the creation of bastards are indeed a violation of church and state 10 20 2013

And you indeed have to think of this as a matter of relegions that arose as a way for the bastardized mind to defeat the good mind. 

What creates the bastard?  Alcohol!  Socialites!  Undo pay!  Corruption!  Slavery!  (Those white slave owners loved raping those black women in the barn.) Drugs!  Poverty! Unattenuated crime!  Propagandizing promiscuity!

Some religions believe and practice just this!  So indeed it is a violation of church and state to teach this material in public schools or make the reading of such part of the curriculum?

Do you not find it very interesting that when it comes to the violation of Church and State most of what we see brought forth as an issue really hides the reality of bad belief systems being taught right under the nose of the American Public?  And even the Church does not seem able to weigh in on the issue of what should be taught correctly or what its opinion should be with regard to voicing it publicly as a matter of politics.  Jesus Christ would never be for many things that are current publicly stated beliefs of the Church!  He would never be for children in the adoption network that weren't aborted being abused without any public accountability!  He would never be for alcohol being served at events.  Remember he diluted to the wine with a great amount of water to feed the masses.  That is the only way that scripture can be interpreted.  Any other interpretation is that of a man who could not work for those just like him in our society and hence became a priest.  So you have indeed the hopeless being the fosters of what leads to more hopelessness!  When really a great stand needs to be made in America and the world today!  What have we all been taught?  When you stand up for human rights you are martyred!  And then they all have a Sunday party in your name!  And human rights mean Constitutional rights and not a bottle head Mal-interpretation!

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