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Monday, October 14, 2013

Vibration of the Vagus Nerve and Schizophrenia 10 14 2013

Vibration of the Vagus Nerve and Schizophrenia 10 14 2013

There is an extreme correlation between vibration of the Vagus nerve and a person who has been diagnosed with schizophrenia hearing voices.  If you doubt me here is a simple test or partial cure.

By a roll of Muelller Kinesiology tape.  You want the tan colored one in two inch width.  Cut about a 3" or 4" section of this tape off.  Also purchase a roll of copper tape or very thin copper foil.  Cut a strip of this to be about a rectangle of 1 1/2 inches by 1 inch.  Now cut another piece of the Kinesiology tape to just so that it frames your piece of copper with some overlap, about 1/8" all the way around so that it doesn't scratch the back of your neck!  Now on the other side of the copper the other side of the copper foil/tape on your  3" or 4" Kinesiology tape.  Next put it on the back of your neck on one side where the vagus nerve is.  If you are a man that probably means the left side because the left side of your brain is analytical.  So about in the middle of your neck up and down and on the left hand side.  You will find the right spot if you try!!!!  What you will notice is that it greatly diminishes the effect of the voices.  In fact you might find yourself being more productive!  It might indeed give you a sore spot on your skin when you take it off.  So don't leave it on for more than a day at a time.  To a lesser extent Zinc Oxide has the same effect- they are both reflective metals or Faraday cage like metals?  It partially works!  What does it mean?  That voice or vibration is external to your body!  It is not coming from your own brain as they would stigmatize you to say it is!

And there is not "social risk" with this because it just looks like an average bandaide.  Anyone who notices on you might be trying to make you feel self conscious and remove it? Just say you have a neck pain.  A lot of people have neck pain.  In fact that is how what we are lead to believe is the voice of God from the Bible mocked the Jews of THAT time, "You are a stiff necked people."  That sound familiar to you?

Whether it is the Vagus nerve or not???  It is one of those two tendons that run up the back of your neck and is about 3/8 to 5/8 in diameter. Link to Humorous depiction of that nerve!!! Remember the slow and methodical tortoise beat the hare  And this is indeed a serious article and you might very well benefit from trying this.  ~In spite of that brief moment of levity!

You also have to be able to separate your imagination from reality and your will! In other words do not be tempted to let your imagination take you into some action that could cause you to be arrested.  But at all times assert yourself and allow your self to utter quick phrases under your breath, a Catholic Nun taught this to my father she called the process Ejaculating.  The word has more than one meaning.  And you do not want to Jerk off because it leads to weak mindedness or is in effect giving the devil its due?  You don't owe the devil ANYTHING!

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PS the same trick can also relieve lower back pain at the base of the spine!

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