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Monday, October 28, 2013

Eugenics versus Schizophrenics 10 28 2013

Eugenics versus Schizophrenics 10 28 2013

I have one more extremely important point to make in my who is good versus who is bad Eugenics versus Schizophrenics self debate.  This is an addendum to that last article.

Here is what Richard T. Ely is quoted as saying,

"Now, what does man by his culture of plants and animals is simply an improvement of unaided nature.  He assists nature, and removes and destroys as completely and as rapidly as possible those species and individuals which are not adapted to his purposes, and then he makes the best possible environment for those which serve his purposes most fully....Man establishes the environment and selects the plants and animals for survival in a pre-arranged environment."

Okay as you read that do you see what the horror of that gestalt image amounts to?  This is what Ely is stating that man should be like!  This is what his eugenics movement was all about!  This man played a great part in getting many people medicated and sterilized! This is the man that put the University of Wisconsin to the task of Eugenics!  And the University did indeed have great scientific credentials!  This is the man that got 60,000 Americans Sterilized!  This is the man that got 225,000 people sterilized in Nazi Germany in their first three years of the program!  Again, what does the gestalt of that image created by what you read above amount to?  That is how an Ape comes into a tribe of apes and wipes out the babies of that tribe so that he can bread with the female apes!  That is how an ape starts a new tribe of apes!  That is the psychology of primates!  You cannot put anymore credibility to the concept of schizophrenia being a valid disease than what this man believed human beings were supposed to believe!  The symptoms of schizophrenia are indeed horrifically real just as the vocalizations of a baboon are!

Another primate behavior that I like to mention is that in I believe China there is a race of monkeys that will steal a piece of luggage from the top of a car.  After the biggest monkey gets the luggage out on the pavement he jumps up and down on it until the hinges break!  Then all the rest of the monkeys flood in and steal whatever is inside!  Isn't that exactly what the DSM3 defined people to be schizophrenic for saying it happened to them with regard to their human soul?  You bet your life it is! That they experience attrition from the voices until they can no longer think for themselves?  That the voices are an intrusion to their thought processes?  That they experience many different voices?  That they are overwhelmed? And the list could go on to dot everything in that manual.  It is an exact analogy to what I described above!

And reading what I described above is it any mystery to you why schizophrenics are said to be 13 times more likely to be a victim of violence than a cause of it!  We may indeed be what the Bible refers to as Remnants.  Remnants of the true human being race!

I have to ask the question what traces of this man and his clan still exist in our University of Wisconsin system of education today?  What legacy of ruin has he left with us?

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